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Snowfall Season 5 Predictions, Spoilers: New Beginnings For Franklin?

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Nearly a year has passed since fans last witnessed the latest events on Snowfall. But, as the fifth season premiere fastly approaches, new details and teasers have begun to emerge on various media platforms.

With the public’s excitement to see the upcoming events after Season 4, Cartermatt has released some thoughts and predictions about Season 5. This comes as FX has already dropped the synopses of the first two episodes of the crime drama series.

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What Awaits For Franklin This Season

The publication pointed out that Snowfall Season 5 will center its plot on the future of Franklin Saint. As stated, he appears to be “ready” for whatever he faces along the way as he has already “put the cane down.”

Based on the synopsis of the first episode titled, Comets, it reveals that the Saint crew has “leveled up.” Reports believe that they are now looking to expand their reach beyond Los Angeles.

It is a great possibility, considering that this has been Franklin's goal since then. He may have seen new opportunities following the vanquishing of other threats in the field.

Not to mention, Gustavo is at his side, and the teasers hint at the “flourishing” of relationships in the personal and professional aspects of Franklin’s life. So, there is reportedly a good chance that he has found an arrangement that benefits him well.

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About Franklin And Teddy

Apart from the possible thriving of business and relationships, Snowfall Season 5 is said to be certainly diving into the dynamic between Teddy and Franklin.

It is unclear whether they will encounter one another in the first episode but, the synopsis of the second episode titled, Commitment, uncovers that Teddy will be in Los Angeles.

If not in the first two episodes, the fifth season will likely answer the latest biggest question on the show, whether Teddy killed Franklin’s father, Alton.

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Snowfall To Return With A Two-Hour Event

The premiere of the new season will be a two-hour event. Similar to the previous new season arrivals, the show will air the first two episodes of the new installment.

Snowfall Season 5 will drop episodes 1 and 2 titled, Comets and Commitment, respectively, on FX, on February 23.

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