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NCIS Season 19 Filling In Mark Harmon-Void With Familiar Face?

Mark Harmon shocked almost all NCIS fans and followers after confirming his exit. Although he signed a contract for Season 19, it only housed a limited number of episodes, which seemingly covered his character, Gibb’s departure from the plot early on the latest installment.

With the void he left, Tom’s Guide asserted that many expect the production to fill this gap with several fan favorites. As to whether this is true or not, no one knows how the current season will go.

But, whatever the case, a familiar face is about to return in the upcoming episode.

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NCIS Brings Meredith Eaton Back For Season 19

In December, reports learned that Meredith Eaton will make a comeback on NCIS Season 19. She will reprise her role as Carol Wilson, who many see as a “favorite” character on the show.

The actress previously made three appearances on the series. She first entered the world of NCIS in Season 7. The last time she played Carol Wilson was in Season 11.

A month ago, there were no official announcements as to when she would return. It was only last week that cast member Brian K. Dietzen confirmed where in this installment she would arrive.

On Twitter, the actor said that the next episode will feature Meredith Eaton’s return. He added that this would take place after the Winter Olympics.

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Is She A Guest Star Or A Series Regular?

Brian K. Dietzen wrote the episode where Meredith Eaton will reprise her role as Carol Wilson. While he referred to her as a “guest,” the public has seemingly left the door open for further possibilities.

Speaking to TV Insider, the NCIS producer stated that the team “desperately” needs the help of an immunologist, and Carol Wilson is one.

This has reportedly led some to speculate that she might stay for more than just one episode in Season 19.

NCIS Season 19 is currently on a break due to the Winter Olympics. It will resume airing new episodes starting from February 28.

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