Sister Wives Shock: Season 16 Could Be The Last? What Did Robyn Say About Their Family?

sister wives, sister wives season 16, kody brown, robyn brown, christine brown, janelle brown, meri brown
Credit: TLC/YouTube

sister wives, sister wives season 16, kody brown, robyn brown, christine brown, janelle brown, meri brown
Credit: TLC/YouTube

Sister Wives Season 16 is only a few weeks away. However, some fans speculate that it might be the last because Kody Brown's family with his four sister wives isn't as solid as before. His four wives feel that he seems not interested in keeping their family afloat. Also, the polygamous family might not be complete as in the previous seasons after his third wife, Christine Brown, reportedly returned to Utah.

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Sisters Wives Season 16 Shock: Is The Series Ending?

Earlier this month, TLC dropped a teaser of Sister Wives Season 16. In the clip, it's visible that the Brown family is divided.

The four sister wives — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — have different complaints about their setup. They are noticeably unhappy and upset with the way things are going in their family after moving from Utah to Arizona.

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Although Kody's relationship with his four sister wives hasn't been perfect, the new teaser seems to suggest that they could finally snap on the upcoming season. Kody's wives seem to question his desire and ability to keep the family together.

"Unfortunately, season 16 could be a breaking point for Kody and his four sister wives. A new trailer for the upcoming season demonstrated that the family could be headed toward irreparable damage," Screen Rant reported.

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Robyn Speaks Up About Their Family's Foundation On Sister Wives Season 16 Teaser

Sister Wives fans feel that Robyn is Kody's favorite among his four sister wives. However, she seems not to be that popular because they always blame her whenever the Brown family has problems.

Robyn was raised in a polygamous family. However, some felt that she would rather have her husband all to herself.

The viewers blamed her for not supporting Christine's wishes to return to Utah. They also blamed her that Kody chose to spend the lockdown with her. According to Screen Rant, she is the "scapegoat."

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Due to the evident problem in the family, some fans are wondering if Kody will still have a wife after Sister Wives Season 16. Some speculate that he might still have Robyn because she is his favorite. Even Christine felt that Kody already had a happy family with Robyn.

"Why would I wanna live on a property with a dysfunctional marriage while right over there he has a fully functional marriage. Who would ever want to live like that," Christine says in Sister Wives Season 16 teaser.

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While many felt that Robyn would stand by Kody, some were concerned that the family drama was already draining her, and she might leave him too.

"The foundation that our family was built on is crumbling," Robyn tearfully says in the trailer.

Sister Wives Season 16 premieres on Nov. 21 at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC.

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