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'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Leaving TLC Show After Kody Brown Split?

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Sisters Wives star Christine Brown and Kody Brown announced their split in November, and she moved back to Utah from Arizona. Despite the changes, she will remain in the TLC reality show.

Sisters Wives Will Still Have Christine Brown After Kody Split

Christine Brown had been open about her unhappiness about her relationship with Kody Brown. After 25 years of being together, they announced their split in November. Following their separation, Christine moved back to Utah and left Kody and the rest of her sister wives in Arizona.

Their split shocked many even if there were already rumors that they might separate because the polygamous family appeared inseparable despite their drama. Many felt that none of Kody's wives would have the guts to leave him. They were wrong because Christine just did.

Several fans expressed concern if Christine would still be part of the show, given that she is no longer part of the polygamous family.

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Christine and Kody share six children — daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel and Truely, and son Paedon. Christine's son answered the concern on social media.

Paedon, 23, uploaded a video on TikTok about him crushing on "goth girls" after watching them in cartoons throughout his childhood. "@phily has definitely been reading my mind. Shego was my first crush," he wrote in the caption.

Fans took it as an opportunity to know about Christine's fate in the reality show.

"Will your mom return if there's another season of Sister Wives?" one asked in the comment section, per The Sun.

"They are filming currently," the child star responded, confirming that Christine is still part of the show.

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Kody And Christine Brown Fight On Sister Wives

Kody Brown and Christine Brown's rocky relationship is evident in the current season. At one point, Kody slammed Christine for not following the COVID-19 restrictions he imposed on their family.

The exes argued when Christine confronted Kody about why he allowed Robyn's nanny to come over to his home, but not their daughter Ysabel.

"She's over all the time. She doesn't go anywhere, her husband's the only one that does the shopping, so I don't understand why Ysabel can't come over and hang out. She's devastated," Christine tells Kody.

"What is the nanny and her husband doing that makes it so they can come over?" Christine asks the camera. "'Cause when I'm home, I do exactly what I should, yet my girls can't see their siblings. What does the nanny do?"

Meanwhile, Kody wasn't open about it and slammed Christine.

"She's not keeping the same rules, she's not doing the same thing," Kody tells the camera. "She's so full of bulls--t."

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At the time, Christine felt that Kody wasn't interested in meeting the rest of his kids because he was already happy with his family with Robyn. Of his four wives, Kody quarantined with Robyn and their kids.

Christine got candid about their relationship in one episode and called her marriage with Kody "dysfunctional." At the time, they hadn't announced their split yet, and she was still in Arizona with Kody and her sister wives.

"Why would I wanna live on a property with a dysfunctional marriage while right over there he has a fully functional marriage. Who would ever want to live like that," Christine said while referring to Kody and Robyn's relationship.

Sister Wives Season 16 airs every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC.

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