Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Slams Ex Christine Over Family COVID-19 Restriction

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Credit: TLC/YouTube Screenshot

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Christine Brown couldn't agree with his COVID-19 restriction rules in the family. The pair had a heated argument over the issue with Kody walking out from Christine.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Slammed Christine For Not Following Rules

Kody Brown and Christine Brown's relationship was heading south even before their split. They announced their separation before the new season of Sister Wives premiered last month.

Entertainment Tonight got an exclusive clip of Sunday's episode. In the video, Robyn and Kody get into a heated argument after the former question the latter for not allowing their daughter Ysabel to come over to his house to see her sisters. Christine couldn't understand why Kody allowed Robyn's nanny into their home, but not his very own daughter.

"She's over all the time. She doesn't go anywhere, her husband's the only one that does the shopping, so I don't understand why Ysabel can't come over and hang out. She's devastated," Christine tells Kody.

"What is the nanny and her husband doing that makes it so they can come over?" Christine asks the camera. "'Cause when I'm home, I do exactly what I should, yet my girls can't see their siblings. What does the nanny do?"

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Due to the incident, Christine asks Kody to just lift the COVID-19 restriction that he imposed on their family. However, he disagreed and instead slammed Christine.

"She's not keeping the same rules, she's not doing the same thing," Kody tells the camera. "She's so full of bulls--t."

Christine insists that it has been six months and their family is "not doing well." She wants reassurance that they will celebrate Thanksgiving as a family and gives him an ultimatum. Otherwise, she would leave.

Kody responds by walking out and telling the camera that he was done.

If Kody isn't happy with their conversation, Christine feels the same. According to her, she is worried that he doesn't want to see everybody and he is fine with living separately because he seems happy and contented with Robyn.

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Sister Wives Stars Kody And Christine's Split

It seemed that Christine was done for good because she left Kody in Arizona and moved back to Utah. The exes announced their separation in November.

Sources told Us Weekly that the split was not surprising because those who knew the couple knew that she had planned to leave him. The insider said Kody had been completely devoted to Robyn for the past six years and Christine was no longer happy with their union.

Christine was honest about how she felt about their marriage. In the teaser of the Sister Wives Season 16, Christine called her marriage with Kody "dysfunctional."

"Why would I wanna live on a property with a dysfunctional marriage while right over there he has a fully functional marriage. Who would ever want to live like that," Christine said while referring to Kody and Robyn's relationship.

Sister Wives Season 16 airs every Sunday at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC.

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