Shooting Stars: Lee Jung Shin Shares Whether K-Drama Can Happen in Real Life

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Lee Jung Shin shared his thoughts about the romance stories in Shooting Stars.

The 2022 tvN K-drama recently dropped its 16th and final episode. The romantic comedy features Lee Sung Kyung, who plays the role of Starforce Entertainment’s PR team leader Oh Han Byul, and Kim Young Dae, who portrays Gong Tae Sung’s role.

Meanwhile, the CNBLUE member also appears in the drama as Do Soo Hyeok, the legal advisor of Starforce Entertainment.


After the series’ final episode, he revealed whether the romances in the drama could happen in real life.

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Lee Jung Shin Shares Thoughts About Shooting Stars Plot

In a new interview with Sports Chosun, Lee Jung Shin was asked whether he thinks the story of Shooting Stars could happen in real life.


For what it’s worth, Gong Tae Sung – a top star – establishes a romantic relationship with his agency’s PR team leader. Thus, it raised questions about whether it is possible.

“I think it can definitely happen. You never know. Seeing ‘Sh**ting Stars,’ I began to think that it could definitely happen,” he said.

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In the drama, his character initially becomes interested in Oh Han Byul. However, the PR team leader rejects him because of Gong Tae Sung. He ends up dating Park So Jin’s Cho Kippeum.

He then showered the Girl’s Day member with compliments as the actress gave him good energy although it was the first time they met in 10 years.

Lee Jung Shin Comments on Shooting Stars Low Ratings

Although Shooting Stars is Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae’s first project together, its 16 episodes only maintained a 1 percent range.


According to Nielsen Korea, the last episode had 1.4 percent viewership ratings nationwide and in Seoul. It did not surpass the K-drama episode 2’s record – 1.79 percent (nationwide) and 1.89 percent (Seoul).

For Lee Jung Shin, he was not bothered by the number as most people want to binge-watch instead.

“I think it’s better for something to receive love for a long time. As global fans are tagging me [on social media], I’ve felt that we’re receiving a lot of love from overseas,” he continued.

Shooting Stars only recorded low ratings, but the idol-turned-actor expressed how happy he feels because of the positive comments about the drama and his acting.

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