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Shooting Stars Final Episode Hits Rock Bottom; Maintains 1 Percent Range Throughout 16 Episodes

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Shooting Stars did not get enough attention from K-drama fans.

Shooting Stars is a 2022 tvN drama series exploring the romantic love story between the top star Gong Tae Sung and PR team leader Oh Han Byul. They share a love-and-hate relationship before developing romantic feelings toward each other while working in the entertainment industry.

The K-drama also depicts the realistic set-up of people who work for celebrities behind the scenes in the world of celebrities in South Korea.

It serves as Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae’s first drama together, but it did not excite fans that much.

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Shooting Stars Suffers Low Ratings

On June 11, Shooting Stars officially released its 16th and final episode. Instead of enjoying whopping viewership ratings, it recorded another 1 percent rating.

According to Nielsen Korea, the episode had 1.4 percent viewership ratings nationwide and in Seoul. It did not surpass the K-drama episode 2’s record – 1.79 percent (nationwide) and 1.89 percent (Seoul).

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Throughout its 16 episodes, Shooting Stars only had a 1 percent range.

It was unexpected, though, as fans thought Lee Sung Kyung’s comeback on the small screen would be a success. She last appeared in the 2020 SBS K-drama, Dr. Romantic 2.

Kdrama Shooting Stars Last Episode


Despite its low ratings, viewers who tuned in saw the characters got their happy endings.

Kang Yoo Sung takes over Choi Ji Hoon’s position as Starforce Entertainment’s director. Park Ho Young, meanwhile, becomes the team leader.

Do Soo Hyeok and Cho Kippeum continue to date as they spend their time working. Meanwhile, Gong Tae Sung’s manager, Byeon Jung Yeol, starts managing other managers in the company.

On the other hand, Baek Da Hye still enjoys her life as Gong Tae Sung’s fan.

Gong Tae Sung and Oh Han Byul, after keeping their relationship a secret, finally tell the world their romantic love story.

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