SHINHWA Hyesung Releases New Statement To Defend Himself Over Stolen Car Controversy

Credit: ARIRANG KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ARIRANG KPOP/YouTube Screenshot

SHINHWA Hyesung dropped a new statement through his legal representative regarding the issue of the stolen car.

Since Hyesung's arrest due to DUI, issues surrounding the case questioned the authenticity of his and his agency's statement. Initial reports revealed that he was arrested after refusing to undergo a breathalyzer test after the vehicle he was in was found in the middle of the road.

Amid the DUI issue, he released another statement regarding the stolen car.

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SHINHWA Hyesung Explains How He Got the Vehicle

On Wednesday, Hyesung's law firm, Best Way, shared an account explaining what truly happened on the night of his arrest.

As quoted by Korea JoongAng Daily, it was disclosed that the K-pop idol went out for dinner with his friends in Gangnam District around 6:00 p.m. on October 10. It disclosed that he used the valet parking service at the restaurant.

It explained that the valet service attendant receives the service fee in advance from customers who stay at the restaurant beyond their working hours. They also leave the key inside the car, according to the statement.

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"Shin [Hyesung], who was heavily intoxicated, thought his car key was inside his bag, opened the door of the car [that he drove off in], mistaking it as his own. The door was unlocked, but Shin thought it open because he had the key and had no reason to doubt that it wasn't his," it continued.

Best Way continued, saying that Hyesung's friends called a chauffeur service and made him sit in the passenger seat. The driver reportedly left after dropping his friend off. From there, the idol decided to drive it and fell asleep while driving in the middle of the road after stopping at a light.

Law Firm Contradicts SHINHWA Hyesung's Agency

Best Way released the new statement after the authorities and the public noticed inconsistencies in Liveworks Company's initial report.

It revealed that the idol got the car keys from a valet attendant, but the restaurant owner said there was no valet already when Hyesung and his friends ended their meeting. The agency then released a follow-up statement, admitting that parts of the press release were incorrect.

"We were in a rush to release a statement, and Shin was in police custody while all of his friends who were with him at the restaurant could not recall what had happened, so we couldn't properly check the facts before releasing the statement. We apologize for creating such misunderstanding," the agency said, as quoted by YTN.

No charges have been served as of the moment.

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