Street Man Fighter Vata Under Fire for Allegedly Copying ATEEZ's Choreography

Credit: THE CHOOM/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: THE CHOOM/YouTube Screenshot

Vata, a Street Man Fighter contestant, received a damaging accusation related to ATEEZ's choreography.

Since the Street Woman Fighter's installment was announced, it constantly received condemnation because of the issues it stirred — from Kang Daniel to the dance groups themselves.

One of the dancers, Vata (whose real name is Kim Tae Hyeon), is one of the most popular choreographers in the country who choreographed several hits, including SuperM's Tiger Inside. He is part of WDBZ, one of the contending teams against 1Million, BIIB, YGX, JustJerk Eo-Ddae, and Mbitious.

Despite being high-profile, Vata recently sparked issues for allegedly copying ATEEZ's choreography.

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Did Vata Copy ATEEZ?

Vata made a dance move for Street Man Fighter's song, New Thing. However, he was condemned for allegedly plagiarizing ATEEZ's Say My Name choreography, which the K-pop group released in 2019.

It all started when viewers noticed it on Street Man Fighter episode 3. This caused New Thing Cover Dance Challenge to emerge despite the fact that it looks like ATEEZ's dance moves.

On Monday, Anze Skrube shared several posts on his Instagram Story, which slammed Vata for copying the choreography. The plagiarized moves in question include the "driving" choreography in which the dancers look like they are driving a motorcycle.

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One comment he reposted urged Vata to apologize to him and ATEEZ.

"I thought you are a friend of (ATEEZ member) San. But (a) friend shouldn't have done this. I hope you apologize to the original choreographer and ATEEZ for claiming the move as yours," it reads.

Meanwhile, the choreographer said he and two other dancers, Josh Smith and Johnny Erasme, created the move for the K-pop boy group.

ATEEZ Wooyoung Shades Vata

After the allegations emerged, ATEEZ Wooyoung seemingly responded to the issue without even saying anything.

During ATEEZ's performance at the 2022 KCON Saudi Arabia, the group had a dance break to allow members to show their dance skills individually. During Wooyoung's turn, he danced Say My Name starting from the bite move, which Vata also copied.

Aside from Vata, dancer 5000 (Ocheon) also used the biting hand sign.

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