TXT Taehyun Suffers Discomfort After a Fan Did a Disturbing Move While on a Plane

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TXT Taehyun detailed a terrifying encounter with a fan.

TXT made a record-breaking performance with BTS J-Hope at Lollapalooza recently. They also wrapped up their TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR <ACT: LOVE SICK> concert in the US.


Despite their busy schedule, the members ensure that they connect with their fans constantly. Unfortunately, Taehyun suffered a disturbing interaction instead.

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TXT Taehyun Disturbed by a Fan During Return to South Korea

On August 23, a fan asked the group through its online community about its recent overseas concert.

As quoted by SBS News, Taehyun ultimately disagreed and said that he felt uncomfortable on their flight due to a passenger in front of him who pretended to take selfies but captured his pictures instead.

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"If you come to our fan signing event, I would treat you well as always. So, if you happen to see this post, please don't do it, ever again!" he added.

The fan who originally posted it replied to Taehyun’s comment, telling him to take a good rest after the rough day.

Other fans also expressed their dismay against the passenger who bothered the idol.

TXT Taehyun Showed True Colors To a Fan

Although he had a disappointing moment with one of his fans, Taehyun still has the best memories with the respectful supporters in the fandom.

On TXT’s Weverse account, he gave their fans interesting stories about his life and answered even the most senseless questions.


One fan asked him if he thinks mosquitoes do not sleep, to which he answered that he once looked up the answer about it when he was still an elementary student.

He then gave the fan a detailed answer, earning praises from fans. His fans even called his Weverse as Wikipedia since he always gives away helpful information.

Taehyun recently made everyone laugh, as well, when he revealed that artists pay more in HYBE’s own restaurant since the company does not consider them as employees. According to the idol, they are considered contract artists, instead, so they accept the fact that they always have to pay more.

Taehyun debuted with TXT in 2019, and they have seemingly established a huge fandom to follow in BTS’ footsteps.

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