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Shawn Levy Reveals How He Balances Filming Stranger Things 5 and Deadpool 3

Shawn Levy has been keeping a tight schedule by not only directing Marvel’s Deadpool 3, but also as an executive producer for Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 5. Levy had recently teased that Stranger Things finale will be ‘very emotional’ while promising a very ‘raw and gritty’ Deadpool 3. Clearly, this would require balance as Deadpool 3 comes out in November 2024, with Stranger Things 5 expected to arrive around the same year.

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Recently speaking with Collider, Levy weighs in on how he had initially planned it all out in case a collision occurs between the Deadpool threequel and the final season of Stranger Things, emphasizing that the least he could do is direct one episode for the Netflix show.

“One of the first conversations I had with Ryan Reynolds and Marvel when we started talking about Deadpool was the fact that it was inevitably going to overlap in some way, and at some point, with the final season of Stranger Things. And it is really important to me to direct at least one episode in the last season.”

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The director continues on to say how important both projects are to him, indicating he could not leave either, which is a good plan seeing as generally, the creative team would only choose to handle one. Although given the huge success both film and show have, it is difficult to leave Marvel and Netflix works.

“Part of why I feel so close to the Duffers and our cast is that I’ve been lucky to be involved directorially, which is a unique connection and creative intimacy. Anyway, it’s very much my intention to direct at least one episode of Stranger Things 5, and everyone involved is being really supportive and collaborative in figuring out the scheduling aspects of how I can do that.”

Deadpool 3 is currently slated for release on November 8, 2024, with Stranger Things Season 5 will start their filming for the series in May 2023.

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