Shakira Is Very Angry With Gerard Piqué For Flaunting His New Relationship? Waka Waka Singer Allegedly Upset Because Her Ex-Husband Wasn’t Always Affectionate With Her

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Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced their separation on June 4 after 11 years together. In their statement, the exes asked the public to respect their privacy and the privacy of their kids, which is of utmost interest to them. At the time, sources claimed that Shakira was the one who called it quits with Piqué.

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Shakira Is Allegedly Upset With Gerard Piqué For Not Staying True To His Promise

Over two months after their announcement, Radar Online claimed that Shakira and Gerard Piqué are feuding with each other because of the latter’s new relationship with a much younger woman named Clara Chia Marti.

A source claimed that Shakira is upset because Piqué allegedly promised her that he would not flaunt his new relationship in public. However, Piqué and Marti were recently photographed locking lips while they were at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia.


An insider also claimed that Piqué and Marti had been quietly dating each other for months because they made their relationship public. The 23-year-old is reportedly a working student who works for Piqué’s office. Marti has been helping Shakira’s ex-husband organize events.

“They have been keeping quiet about their relationship but those around them all know what is happening. People have been helping him keep the romance hush-hush and have wiped Clara’s social media accounts so people can’t find photos of her. That alone makes his mates think he is actually quite serious about being with her,” the source said.

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Gerard Piqué Is More Affectionate Toward His New Girlfriend Than With Shakira?


Telecinco host Laura Roige weighed in on Shakira and Piqué’s relationship and said that the singer must be hurting because it’s evident that her ex-husband changed. When they were still together, Piqué was rarely affectionate toward Shakira, especially when they were in public.

“I am excited, it is evident that there is a relationship. I have seen a lot of love, it will hurt Shakira a lot because this is a Gerard Pique that we have never seen. I have never seen him like this with the singer. Shakira is very angry at seeing the father of her children with his girlfriend in public,” the source said.

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Shakira Could Be Facing An Eight-Year Prison Time Due To Tax Fraud


As of writing, Shakira has not commented publicly on Piqué’s rumored relationship with Marti. So, no one knows for sure how she feels about it. It’s entirely possible that the sources are just speculating on the matter and laying out possibilities when it comes to what Shakira might be feeling.

However, the “Waka Waka” singer has other important things she needs to focus her energy on. According to reports, Shakira could face up to eight years in prison after Spanish prosecutors accused her of tax fraud.

According to USA Today, the singer is facing six charges for allegedly failing to pay the Spanish government nearly $15 million in taxes between 2012 and 2014. Prosecutors are now trying to seek a fine amounting to $24.5 million from the singer.

However, a statement from Shakira’s public relations firm revealed that the singer believes that she is innocent, so she decided to leave the matter into the hands of the law.


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