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Shadows House Season 2 Ending Explained

Shadows House Season 2 Ending Explained
Credit: CloverWorks

Shadows House Season 2 concluded with an intense finale; but what exactly happened, and what are the implications for the future? Here's the ending of Shadows House Season 2 explained:

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What Was the Letter of Consent?

Shadows House Season 2 Ending Explained Letter of Consent
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Credit: CloverWorks

In the penultimate episode of Shadows House Season 2, Barbara and the other star-bearers turn Maryrose in to Edward in the adults' building to face justice for the disturbance she caused.

However, things don't go as planned. Maryrose manages to go with a blast, and while her power doesn't allow her to overcome Edward, she makes a mess before falling off the tower and into an uncertain future.

Edward is enraged, not only because he failed to question Rosemary and Maryrose but mostly because he can't put the blame on anyone but himself.

This is because of a letter of consent; but what exactly is this and how did it keep the star-bearers safe?

To put it simply, this letter of consent seems to be some kind of declaration that the star-bearers and the other residents of the children's building aren't responsible for anything that happens in the adults' building.

While this isn't explained in length, Edward likely accepted this, being all too kin to get his hands on Maryrose.

Since the disturbance Maryrose caused occurred in the adults' building, the star-bearers were able to wash their hands of it and face no consequences.

Barbara created this letter of consent for the extradition according to Kate's advice. Already despised by Edward, and having a plan to help Maryrose, marry knew that Edward would attempt to pin the blame on the children if anything didn't go smoothly.

Indeed, Edward was enraged that he couldn't blame Barbara, and, perhaps, he's now even suspicious that Barabara herself planned this all along to help her former friend.

At least, the letter helped the children get away safely - for now.

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What Is Anthony's Plan?

Shadows House Season 2 Ending Explained Anthony's Plan
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Credit: CloverWorks

Episode 11 revealed who Christopher is; a charismatic Shadow who used to be Barbara and Maryrose's friend but took his own life when he found out that he was expected to unify with his living doll, Anthony, and kill him.

Maryrose told Kate all about Christopher but omitted to mention what happened to Anthony.

Much to their surprise, Emilico and Kate return to their rooms after Maryrose's fall, only to find a figure in the garments of Master Robe waiting for them.

Initially, the figure doesn't reveal himself, but he takes off his hood when Kate is able to deduce his identity.

Kate and Emilico ask Anthony how he managed to avoid being disposed of after Christopher's death, but he declines to give any background information.

Instead, Anthony praises Kate and Emilico for their skill and craftiness, having watched their fight with Maryrose.

He tells Kate that if she becomes his student he will help her win against the Shadows House but he disappears without leaving any traces.

After watching this exchange, you will likely be wondering what Anthony's plan truly is.

Unfortunately, the Shadows House manga hasn't revealed much more than what we know already.

Anthony's exchange with Kate and Emilico is all the manga has shown so far, meaning that his whereabouts remain a matter of speculation.

What we do know, is that while Anthony cares for Rosemary and Maryrose, he doesn't respect their stance.

He's all about fighting, and he believes that their idea to fall from the window, risking death, is equal to going without a fight.

He thinks that he and Maryrose stopped being allies when she decided to do nothing about the house until her time came to be admitted to the adults' building.

That being said, we don't know much about what Anthony himself does to actively fight against the House's oppressive rules.

For the time being, he seems to be lurking in the shadows in Master Robe's disguise, but his future plans are unknown, though we're certain that he will reappear in the manga sooner rather than later.

Did Kate Help Maryrose?

Shadows House Season 2 Ending Explained Kate and Maryrose
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Credit: CloverWorks

If you thought that it was a bit strange of Kate to simply turn Maryrose in, you're probably right.

Yes, Kate had to think of herself and Emilico, as she would be punished in Maryrose's stead if she concealed her involvement, but it's not like her and Emilico to leave a friend totally helpless.

In her exchange with Anthony, Kate reveals that she left a large concentration of soot on the spot where Maryrose and Rosemary fell. She manipulated this soot, to make it a soft landing space.

This was foreshadowed in the previous episode, when she made a pillow of soot to keep Emilico from getting hurt when she took a fall.

For those wondering if Maryrose died, this is left unclear in both the anime and the manga, but Kate and Emilico seems confident that she and Rosemary made it.

Will Emilico Save Her Team?

Shadows House Season 2 Ending Explained Emilico
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Credit: CloverWorks

Season 2 of the mystery anime ends with Kate and Emilico becoming team leaders as an indication of Barbara's trust, but they're faced with a challenge early on.

When one of the Belle twins gets disposed of, the other one becomes a part of Emilico's team, but she's too traumatized to perform.

Emilico takes it upon herself to make up for Belle's absences much to the dismay of Sarah, who feels that Belle is endangering them all.

However, Emilico, who is now free of brainwashing, managed to stand up to Barbie and defend Belle.

So far, this follows the manga. Later manga chapters reveal that Emilico's care and Kate's firmness with Isabelle and Mirabelle managed to make Belle functional again.

This isn't to say that Emilico and Kate won't face more challenges as Team Leaders, but the team remains whole for the time being.

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