Shadow and Bone Season 2 Showrunner Hypes Up Tolya and Tamar's Live-Action Debut

We're all excited to see Alina Starkov's return in Shadow and Bone Season 2 but there are also new characters that fans are truly looking forward to this month. It has already been confirmed that the Grisha twins Tolya and Tamar are finally joining the Netflix series and co-showrunner Daegan Fryklind is hyping up their arrival.

Last year, it was announced that Mortal Kombat star Lewis Tan and EastEnders actor Anna Leong Brophy have been cast as Tolya and Tamar in Shadow and Bone Season 2. Since then, we've seen glimpses of the twin Heartenders in action, most recently in the new trailer.

But what can we expect from Tolya and Tamar in Shadow and Bone Season 2? Daegan Fryklind told SFX magazine that the pair will be amping up the action in the second season (via GamesRadar).

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"We have an incredible stunts department this season, who really put Lewis through the paces and created stunts for both Anna and Lewis, that worked complementary towards each other," the co-showrunner said of Lewis and Brophy's upcoming scenes.

Tolya and Tamar are certainly cool and deadly additions to the show and they are not the only ones to look forward to in the second season. Co-showrunner Eric Heisserer also teased the arrival of Wylan who will be joining the Crows in Season 2 and he's going to be an interesting addition to the group.

"Wylan gets roped into the latest shenanigans the Crows find themselves in," Heisserer said. "He is put on a mission to help the Crows and that’s how we get to see him interact with the rest of the team, including Jesper."

Shadow and Bone Season 2 will bring back Jessie Mei Li as Alina, Archie Renaux as Mal, and Ben Barnes as The Darkling. They will be reunited with Freddy Carter as Kaz, Amita Suman as Inej, and Kit Young as Jesper, respectively.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 will finally premiere on Netflix on March 16, 2023.

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