SF9 Jaeyoon to Start Mandatory Military Service — Date of Enlistment Revealed

Credit: SF9/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SF9/YouTube Screenshot

SF9 member Jaeyoon will be the third member to serve in the military.

K-pop idols are also required to be enlisted in the military to serve South Korea. In SF9, Inseong and Youngbin have already started their service.

This year, FNC Entertainment confirmed that Jaeyoon would be the boy group’s third member to be enlisted.

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SF9 Jaeyoon’s Military Enlistment

SF9’s agency, FNC Entertainment, released a statement revealing that Jaeyoon would be the next member who will enlist in the military.

According to FNC, the K-pop idol will formally start his service as an active-duty soldier on March 21. He will be assigned to the 3rd Division of the Army. It also confirmed that there would be no official event before Jaeyoon’s enlistment to avoid crowding on the site.

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The agency asked fans to avoid visiting as it would be considered a private occasion.

“We are always grateful for the love that fans send to SF9’s Jaeyoon, and we ask for your support until the day he safely completes his military service and returns in good health. Thank you,” FNC Entertainment continued.

The update was released after SF9 won the Global Artist – China award at the Hanteo Music Awards 2022. The event was held on Feb. 11 at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul.

About SF9 Jaeyoon

Before his enlistment, Jaeyoon and SF9 members released their 12th EP, The Piece of OF9.

Jaeyoon started his career as a member of a pre-debut team, NEOz. He participated in the survival show d.o.b : Dance or Band and performed with NEOZ Dance. The group competed against NEOZ Band, and its members soon debuted as Honeyst.

He officially debuted with SF9 in October 2016 with his debut album Feeling Sensation. As a soloist, he sang different soundtracks for several K-drama series, including Thank You, My Love for the web drama Click Your Heart and Even If We Meet Again in the series Girls’ Generation 1979.

Jaeyoon also sang My Universe as part of Love in Black Hole OST.

Outside the K-pop industry, the idol also became part of live theater plays, TV series, and web series. Among the flicks he appeared in include Founded/Startup, Fantastic Fairy Tale, Oh Hae Young, Again, Seopyeonje, Was It Love?, Click Your Heart and Love in Black Hole.

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