IVE Wonyoung Wows Fans With Her BLACKPINK's Pink Venom Dance Cover

Credit: STARSHIP TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: STARSHIP TV/YouTube Screenshot

IVE Wonyoung wowed fans during the girl group’s first concert by dancing to BLACKPINK’s hit song, Pink Venom.

Two years after IVE’s debut, the Starship Entertainment girl group finally met its fans during its first concert. The Prom Queens started on Feb. 11 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, and the group would visit Yokohama and Kobe in Japan on Feb. 18, 19, 23 and 24.

During the fan concert’s first night, Wonyoung created a buzz again as she graced the stage with her dancing skills and visuals.

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IVE Wonyoung Dances to BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom

IVE members showed their dance skills during their first fan concert in Seoul.

Wonyoung, on the other hand, made attendees drop their jaws because of the visuals in her new black hair. She wowed them even more when she danced to BLACKPINK’s hit song.

Fancams have since gone viral online, with fans praising Wonyoung’s skills and looks. They also expressed how they liked her current style compared to the previous ones.

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They gathered on the and showered Wonyoung with praises, writing:

"Her returning to the black hair reminds me of her Produce days."
"I'm surprised she looks good in girl-crush style lol"
"Omg, she's so pretty."
"I personally prefer her stylings in this clip than her usual princess-like styles."

Wonyoung debuted with IVE after she and Yujin joined Produce 48 in 2018. At that time, Wonyoung ranked first while Yujin finished in fifth place. They initially debuted as members of IZ*ONE until its disbandment in 2021.

Starship Entertainment then debuted IVE, its first girl group after WJSN.

Fans Gush Over Wonyoung’s SOPA Graduation Photo

Before IVE’s concert, Wonyoung already got viral after photos of her wearing the School of Performing Arts Seoul’s uniform during her graduation emerged.

The photos featured the idol donning the school’s yellow and navy uniform for its yearbook photos.

SOPA is one of the most famous and top art schools in South Korea. BTS Jungkook, Suzy, EXO’s Kai, Hwang Min Hyun and several NCT members graduated from the institute.

To celebrate Wonyoung’s graduation, fans trended Congratulations Wonyoung on Twitter.

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