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SEVENTEEN's The8 Speaks Candidly About Changes in Mindset, Personality After Debuting As An Idol

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

SEVENTEEN’s The8 went through a lot before debuting with the K-pop boy group.

SEVENTEEN continues to grow as one of the K-pop supergroups. But before the famous “13 members + 3 units + 1 unit = 17” came out, the group actually lost its four original members who left them before their scheduled debut.

Like the K-pop group, The8 also underwent transformations in his career. During his pre-debut, he famously appeared on CCTV Variety Show before popping up in Day Day Up in 2010.

Two years later, he joined the 6th Shanghai World Dance Competition and ranked eighth. From there, he began his journey in the K-pop industry by participating in Seventeen TV.

Years after his debut, The8 spoke candidly about the changes he faced since becoming a K-pop idol.

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The8 Says His Mindset Changed

The8 recently appeared in an interview and photoshoot on Allure Korea’s April issue. During the discussion, he said that he has changed since his debut since he is no longer searching for stable things.

For the K-pop idol, he is now someone who discovers new things through trial and error.

“Recently, I’ve felt like I’m gradually becoming closer to the image of myself that I’ve dreamt of for the past few years. I like hearing that I’ve changed. I find that change happy and enjoyable,” he said.

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The8 then noted how he once thought that his appearance to others was important. He reportedly wanted people to like his visuals, styles, and performances to look cool.

But now, everything has changed. Instead of trying to satisfy other people and doing everything to receive recognition, he helped himself to be more honest by prioritizing his personal satisfaction.

After finding his own style, he also learned how to determine what he likes.

What Makes SEVENTEEN’s The8 Happy

Elsewhere in the interview, he shared further details about the things that give him more satisfaction and enjoyment.

Per the K-pop idol, he finds joy in collaborating with others despite knowing he will fail. He explained that the change in mindset helped him become more mature.

“I was originally really stubborn. Honestly, I just had a lot of fear. If I had even the slightest doubt, I wouldn’t try. These days, I think like this. If the result of our decision is bad, how bad can it be? And if it’s good, how good can it be? If you look back on something later that looks good now, it can look bad,” he said.


Now, The8 has already grown from his failures, and he proved how good he is as a performer by making massive contributions to SEVENTEEN.

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