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Twenty Five Twenty One: WJSN Bona Says She'll Never Forget K-Drama Because of This

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Twenty Five Twenty One leaves a long-lasting impact on its cast members, especially to WJSN Bona.

Twenty Five Twenty One currently presents a new type of romance drama to its viewers on tvN and Netflix. The series explores the story of Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Myung’s characters between 1998 to 2021.

The new K-drama surely caught people’s attention already as it successfully maintained its position at the top spot in popularity rankings in the past weeks. Its earlier episodes also flew high, and their ratings were also on the top spot in the country.

Apart from the viewers, Twenty Five Twenty One also left a commendable impression on its cast member, WJSN Bona.

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WJSN Bona Will NOT Forget Twenty Five, Twenty One

As part of her new project with Esquire, Bona had an interview with them where she spoke candidly about the series.

According to the K-pop idol, the series allowed her to experience what she missed during her school days. With that, she will never forget her time in Twenty Five, Twenty One.

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“I do regret the school days I missed because I was doing that, but I filled a lot of that while filming my drama [“Twenty Five, Twenty One”] this time. I gained a lot of the bright and shining memories of friendship and uniforms that are unique to high school students who are full of life. I won’t be able to forget it,” she said.

Aside from that, she does not have any regrets anymore since she did everything she could while working harder. For Bona, her nature of being competitive in life made her like her work so much.

Bona Discusses Difference Between Being an Actress, Idol

Bona is one of the K-pop stars who chose to embark on their acting industry journey. Unfortunately, there are also stereotypes surrounding an idol-actor’s life – something she wants to break.

She compared acting to being an idol, saying that there is a pleasure she enjoys as an actress, like getting all the emotions she never thinks of whenever she reads the script.

“These days, I just say this. If they say, ‘You’re like an idol,’ I say, ‘I am an idol.’ I can just break stereotypes by doing well. I just have to do well,” she went on.

Bona has been an idol for seven years. With that, she reportedly wants to tell her younger self not to hurry since her time will always come.

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