Seoul Vibe Updates And Spoilers: Netflix Reveals Posters Of Main Leads Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Ong Seong Woo, And Park Jung Hyun

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Hellbound actor Yoo Ah In is back with another Netflix film, Seoul Vibe. Scheduled to premiere on August 26 exclusively on the global streaming platform, Seoul Vibe depicts the story of a slush fund theft and the spectacular car chase that ensues on the streets of Seoul against the backdrop of the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The action blockbuster film will follow the Samgyedong Supreme Team, which is a group of skilled racers who become involved in uncovering the slush fund case.


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Yoo Ah In Leads The New Netflix Film Seoul Vibe

Yoo Ah In will portray a new persona as Dongwook, the leader of the Samgyedong Supreme Team. He will join the VIP operation and show a dignified appearance in front of the supreme power, displaying a new charm that has never been seen before.

Dongwook is unflinching even when confronted by the most formidable opponents. Yoo Ah In’s character will also feature in some comical scenes extending his versatility as an actor.


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Go Kyung Pyo Is A DJ In New Netflix Film Seoul Vibe

Go Kyung Pyo will breathe life into the character of Woosam. His role in the group is a DJ who spins records and keeps the vibe going. Woosam is responsible for creating a mixtape suitable for racing in each operation and even plays the role of a spy who is disguised as a DJ at a party hosted by the villain.

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Lee Kyu Hyung Portrays A Cab Driver In New Netflix Film Seoul Vibe

It is clear from the released poster that the character of Lee Kyu Hyung is a cab driver. Boknam plays the role of a human navigator who stands out with his yellow shirt, giving off his occupation.

He is also the group’s “grandpa,” who knows Seoul inside and out. His knowledge and experience have rescued them numerous times, and his frank, down-to-earth personality is an asset to the group.


Park Ju Hyun Is A Motorcycle Gang Leader In New Netflix Film Seoul Vibe

Park Ju Hyun will play the character of Yoon Hee, a leader of the largest motorcycle gang in Seoul, who also happens to be Dongwook’s younger sister.

Yoon Hee has an outspoken personality that shows a creative adaptation by disguising herself as a traffic police officer and someone whose quick wits always save the day.

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Ong Seongwoo Plays A Genius Mechanic In New Netflix Film Seoul Vibe

Ong Seongwoo will portray the character of Joon Gi, the group's youngest member. He plays the role of “Samgyedong’s MacGyver,” who is a genius car mechanic in charge of car conversion to carry out operations, doubling the fun of each operation.

Meanwhile, Seoul Vibe will premiere on Netflix on August 26.

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