Secret Royal Inspector & Joy: 2PM Taecyeon Jokes About Crying After Every Kissing Scene With Actress Kim Hye Yoon

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Secret Royal Inspector & Joy has been making their viewers giggle with 2PM Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon's chemistry.

Since November, Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon have been telling the tale and romance between a secret royal inspector and a woman divorcee. The series then highlights the story as their characters team up to investigate and reveal the identities of corrupt officials during the Joseon Dynasty.


So far, the series has gotten stable viewership ratings since it premiered on November 8. But with the recent hilarious behind-the-scenes footage, viewers would surely tune in again to its last two episodes.

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2PM Taecyeon Cries After Kissing Scene With Kim Hye Yoon


tvN dropped a nearly 10-minute video of the series' new BTS featuring its cast members. At the beginning of the video, Kim Hye Yoon teases the K-pop idol and says she does not know how he felt.

The clip then shows the actress practicing her kissing scene with Taecyeon, who politely asks which side she likes better. During the dramatic kissing part, the duo begins to cry before joking that his nose always runs onto Kim Hye Yoon's face.

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"Oppa keeps crying. I cry every time we kiss. I can't be like this," he said, referring to their previous tear-jerking kissing scene.


The next episodes will continue the scene where Taecyeon's character, Ra Yi Eon, found himself in danger after falling into a trap. He eventually found out that everything he encountered after becoming a secret royal inspector was all part of Park Seung's plans.

With two episodes left, viewers are curious whether Taecyeon and Kim Hye Yoon's characters would have a happy ending amid the series' heartbreaking turn of events.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy Has Surprise For K-Pop Fans!


For VIXX's fans, watching the series must be on their to-do list as the boy group's leader, N, appeared in a cameo.

He plays the role of Seung Yool, Joyi's a childhood friend who confesses to her. In one of the scenes, Kim Hye Yoon wishes him a good business trip before asking him to stay in touch with her.

The first stills of N's character also swooned fans' hearts, especially since the idol looks extremely good in historical costume.

Secret Royal Inspector & Joy will end on December 27 and 28.

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