BTS Jimin Finds Peace After Performing In Offline Concert Again

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Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

BTS Jimin got candid about what he truly feels after performing again.

Unlike any other member of BTS, Jimin has no other projects outside the group aside from endorsements and ads collaborations. Thus, performing within the group has been the main reason why he calls himself a musician and dancer.

The COVID-19 pandemic regrettably affected Jimin’s life, especially since he has always wanted to perform in front of his fans.

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BTS Jimin Glad To Have Performed Again

For Vogue Korea’s January 2022 issue, Jimin shared his thoughts following BTS’ recent in-person concerts. For what it’s worth, BTS just had their BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA before taking a break. It marked their first personal concert since the pandemic halted all their usual promotions.

For two years, Jimin endured not doing his passion and feeling heartbroken about it.

“I haven’t lived long, but the only thing I’ve done until now is [performing on stage]. I worked passionately because I just wanted to be good at that, but since I couldn’t do that work—although I’m cautious about saying this—I was sad because the days I had lived felt like they were being denied. I literally reached a plateau,” he said.

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He explained that he received no feedback from their fans since they could not interact with them due to a lack of concerts and fan meetings. Thus, he always felt uncertain during rehearsals, although he had been working hard.

Meanwhile, he still questioned himself during their online concert whether he did a great job or not.

But now that they successfully performed in front of the ARMYs again, he hinted that BTS started planning about their future and trying to find something new for everyone.

Jimin Feels Happy With BTS’ Teamwork

Jimin also touched on the growing teamwork of his boy group, saying they influence one another in all aspects.

According to the K-pop idol, they help each other whenever there are problems. Initially, they reportedly found it hard to think why they exist at all. But after pursuing their dreams, they realized that they are indeed part of society.

With all the milestones they have reached so far, Jimin expressed how grateful he is that he has the members with him.


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