BTS Jin Speaks Up About Worldwide Handsome Nickname in New Vogue Korea Interview

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BTS Jin has been the one and only Worldwide Handsome for years.

Since BTS debut, Jin constantly received compliments for his unmatched visuals since he has all the ideal facial features Koreans want to have.

As the visual of the now-supergroup, the idol effortlessly redefined the beauty standards that fans always end up choosing him as the most attractive member.


Most recently, he talked about the nickname Worldwide Handsome he gave to himself years ago and revealed why he created it in the first place.

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Jin is Worldwide Handsome Because of One Reason

All seven BTS members recently sat down for individual interviews for Vogue Korea's January 2022 issue. For Jin's part, he discussed his Worldwide Handsome nickname elsewhere in the discussion.


According to the K-pop idol, he actually uses the words as a joke since there are a lot of people who are more handsome than he does. Per the BTS member, he only says the words Worldwide Handsome for laughs.

"It's also true that there are lots of people who sing and dance better than I do. But because other people see me as better than I really am, I work hard to try to live up to how they see me," he went on.

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Jin also noted that everyone is born with an innate talent, proclaiming that his capacity includes forgetting things quickly whenever something unpleasant happens.

So when asked about his secret about how he can move forward and leave his past behind, he confidently said he only naturally winds up whenever he focuses on his daily tasks.

His comment resonated with what he said during the press conference for the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour The Final. At that time, he said it is embarrassing whenever he says the words, but he still does so since many fans like it.

How Jin Spends His Days As Normal Person

Outside BTS promotions, Jin reportedly has a lot of things to do that keep him occupied.


He told vogue that he always spends hours gaming, checking his phone, and watching TV. Because of his everyday schedule, he calls himself someone who does whatever he feels like to do.

Amid their ongoing vacation, Jin reflected on the importance of relaxing and idling, saying it made him believe in the "usefulness of uselessness." He explained that a person – including him – needs to do lesser things sometimes to focus better on the days he needs to do useful things.

With their current break, Jin will return stronger and more hyper – for sure.

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