BTS RM Worries About Future Career Despite Boy Group's Blooming Success

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BTS RM deals with mental health issues amid the boy group's growing success.

The K-pop supergroup has been proving that the success and attention they get come with heartbreaking effects on their mental health. RM, as the group's leader, has to endure everything and lift his co-members to ensure no one is left behind.

Fortunately, ARMYs have always been there for him and the BTS members, checking them as often as possible.


But despite that, RM still reportedly has growing fears about his career as time goes by.

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BTS RM Opens Up About Biggest Concerns

For Vogue Korea's January 2022 issue, RM shared his struggles while sharing awareness among readers. He particularly talked about the boy group's music and the changes they faced since their debut in 2013.


While they have their hit songs, including Butter and Permission to Dance, the rapper reportedly started asking himself whether their music would also be outdated once time has passed.

"Because we live within trends, I've gotten used to [going along with what's fashionable at the time], but I don't think I should live like that. I'm not sure what to do, but I want to produce something 'long-lasting' and 'timeless.' Now that it's been been nearly nine years since I debuted as BTS, I've started thinking about that a lot," he explained.

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RM also noted he has changed as a lyricist that he began thinking that he always needs to deliver impressive projects to the fans.

The industry's demand for his expertise added more pressure. For instance, BTS formally represented South Korea numerous times at the United Nations' events. While it does feel great for them, they also feel pressured in return. To encourage himself, RM reportedly started thinking that he would like to live his life while thinking living is fun, too.

RM On Falling In Love

The BTS leader already proved his love for music, but he recently had a newfound love.


Per RM, he began to love visual arts even more in the past few days. It then helped him enjoy being part of a different field aside from being a musician before comparing him to painters who have long careers.

"I debuted at 20 [by Korean reckoning], and I'm being told that I represent the nation at age 28, and I'm already being asked questions about my next step is. That's why I want to have the longevity that painters do," he said.

K-pop currently dominates over the world, with BTS staying on the top of the chain. Regardless of what the future holds for RM and the members, ARMYs would surely stay with them.

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