RWBY: Will Ruby End Up With Anyone?

 Will Ruby End Up With Anyone
Credit: Rooster Teeth

 Will Ruby End Up With Anyone
Credit: Rooster Teeth

With Blake and Yang becoming canon in RWBY Volume 9, fans might be wondering if there's any romance in the protagonist's future. So, will Ruby fall in love, and will she end up with anyone?

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Will Ruby and Weiss End Up Together?

Will Ruby and Weiss End Up Together
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

Ruby and Weiss don't end up together as of RWBY Volume 9. However, those who enjoy romance tropes like enemies to lovers (or enemies to friends to lovers) and attraction between polar opposites might ship them.

The ship even has a name, White Rose, to account for Weiss's color scheme and Ruby's rose aesthetic and power.

Of all the character relationships in the show, Ruby and Weiss's is among the most interesting.

They came a long way, from polar opposites with completely different personalities and backgrounds to fire-forged friends.

Ruby and Weiss's Relationship Weiss
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

Her friendship with Ruby is key to Weiss' character development. She first came to Beacon with dreams of advancing her family's name and growing in a leadership position.

Learning to trust the younger, more awkward Ruby as her team leader was just the beginning of her growth.

As part of team RWBY, Weiss learned to be less arrogant and work in a team.

More importantly, Weiss found out that her aspirations were wrong all alone, and that her found family was more important than seeking the approval of her father, who would never care enough.

Since team RWBY already features a now-canon pairing, I find Ruby and Weiss' relationship more powerful as a friendship and battle partnership.

It is amazing to see how these two girls grow and change to accommodate a friendship with someone they never thought they could coexist with.

A romance wouldn't undermine this, but Ruby and Weiss's developing relationship works just as well if it stays platonic.

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Will Ruby and Jaune End Up Together?

Will Ruby and Jaune End Up Together
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Ruby and Jaune haven't ended up together so far either, but they are also amongst the show's popular ships, nicknamed "Lancaster" -- an allusion to War of the Roses, due to Ruby's semblance and Jaune's knight aesthetic.

Jaune and Ruby clicked instantly from the moment they met. Their friendship is heart-warming and supportive throughout.

Both characters find themselves in leadership roles they don't feel entirely prepared for, and their parallel growth appeals to fans.

Early on, any possibility of romance between Ruby and Jaune was overshadowed by a canon love triangle, as Pyrrha was in love with Jaune, who was in love with Weiss (who wasn't interested).

Will Ruby and Jaune End Up Together
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Jaune's feelings do catch up to Pyrrha's, but she dies shortly after and Jaune's grief leaves little chance for another romance.

Some viewers still hope to see Jaune and Ruby together, pointing out that the relationship could even be a bit similar to that of Ruby's parents; Tai ended up with Summer Rose after his first love interest, Raven, left him.

In a Q&A, Kerry Shawcross, one of RWBY's lead creators, declined to confirm or deny a potential romance between Ruby and Jaune.

While this is another pairing we could see working, Ruby and Jaune work just as well as friends.

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Will Ruby and Oscar End Up Together?

Will Ruby and Oscar End Up Together
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Oscar joined the team later on, but fans have noticed his and Ruby's awkwardly cute chemistry. While they're currently not together, some fans would like to see a romance between the two.

The ship is called Rose Garden due to Ruby's roses and Oscar's early life on a farm.

As the two youngest members of the team, Ruby and Oscar vibe well and identify with each other. Both carry the weight of the world at a young age.

Will Ruby and Oscar End Up Together
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

It's implied that Oscar admires Ruby's strength and determination, while she sees in him something of herself when she first joined Beacon, as a much less confident and more idealistic aspiring huntress.

Volume 7, in which Ruby lies to Ironwood about Salem and the relic, includes a sweet, awkward scene where Oscar and Ruby discuss how to reveal the truth.

Each tries to explain their reasoning to the other resulting in each talking over the other with some awkward giggling included, and frankly, it feels like it was taken out of a romance anime.

Will Ruby End Up With Anyone?

Will Ruby Fall in Love RWBY
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

While we can't predict what happens in the future volumes, our guess is that Ruby will fall in love or enter a romantic relationship.

So far, RWBY has focused on Ruby's character growth as a friend and a leader.

Moreover, she's so obsessed with battle accessories that fans joke that, no matter who she romances wouldn't be able to compete with her weapon of choice, Crescent Rose.

Of course, this doesn't mean that a potential romance would negatively affect Ruby's character, nor that an awkward, nerdy character shouldn't find love.

That being said, Ruby has plenty going on without a romance.

She's a devoted friend and sister, and she grows in leadership and grapples with her magical heritage.

In Volume 9, she's slowly learning how to grieve and let out the emotions she's been suppressing.

While it's perfectly fine to ship Ruby with other characters, we think that her character arc will be perfectly fulfilling in the end even if she never gets a love interest.

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