RWBY - Every Main Character's Age, Birthday, and Height

RWBY: Every Main Character's Age, Birthday, and Height
Credit: Rooster Teeth

RWBY: Every Main Character's Age, Birthday, and Height
Credit: Rooster Teeth

Have you ever wondered about RWBY's main characters' ages, birthdays, and heights? We've gathered information about all of RWBY's main characters to help you get to know them better.

The fantasy animated series has such a large, colorful -- and cosplayable! -- cast, so these elements are bound to come up at some point.

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  1. Ruby Rose's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Ruby Rose, our main heroine, is only 15 when the show starts, making her the youngest aspiring Huntress to enroll in Beacon Academy.

    She turns 16 sometime between Volumes 3-5. By RWBY Volume 9, she's 17.

    As a secondary world, Remnant doesn't have the same chronologies as our own world. However, seasons and months work similarly.

    Ruby's birthday falls on the 31st of October. A Halloween birthday is fitting for her due to her playful personality and gothic-style tendencies.

    As for her height, she starts at 5'2'' (or around 157 cm) but grows to 5'4'' (162 cm) later on.

  2. Weiss Schnee's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Weiss Schnee is 17 years old when she enters Beacon, and 19 by the events of Volume 9.

    Despite her wintery-themed powers and Snow White allusion, her birthday is actually on the 15th of March.

    Her height is around 5'3'' or 160 cm, but she always wears heels, so she's actually a little shorter than that.

  3. Blake Belladonna's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Like her teammates (minus Ruby), Blake is between 17 and 19 over the two-year span of the series so far. Her birthday is on the 19th of January.

    She's around 5'6'' or 168 cm tall, excluding her cat ears.

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  4. Yang Xiao Long's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Yang, Ruby's older sister, is 17 at the beginning of the series and 19 by Volume 9. She has a summer birthday on July 28th.

    At 5'8'' or around 172 cm, she's the tallest member of team RWBY. Conversely, she's also the strongest physically, especially when in Berserk mode.

  5. Jaune Arc's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Like most of the main characters (minus Ruby), Jaune, the leader of team JNPR is 17-19 years old.

    In the RWBY panel of RTX 2020, Jaune's voice actor, Miles Luna, mentioned that he would like for Jaune's or Neptune's birthday to be on the 29th of February.

    However, this isn't confirmed at any point in the show. He's quite tall at 6'1'' or around 182 cm.

  6. Pyrrha Nikos' Age, Birthday, and Height

    We lost Pyrrha early, which is a shame because she was one of the coolest characters in Volumes 1-3. She was only 17 when she sacrificed herself, fighting Cinder. Her birthday is unconfirmed.

    She's among the taller female characters at 6'0" (183 cm), though this was her height in heels, so her actual height is a bit less than that.

  7. Nora Valkyrie's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Nora Valkyrie is approximately 17-19 years old throughout the main events of RWBY.

    Since her birthday has not been confirmed by the team working on the series, we aren't sure if she has turned 19 already or if she's about to.

    At 5'1'' (155 cm), she isn't the tallest, but she more than makes up for it with her electrifying semblance.

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  8. Lie Ren's Age, Birthday, and Height

    As is the case with most of the main cast, Lie Ren is 17-19 years old over the span of Volumes 1-9. His birthday is currently unknown.

    As for his height, he's around 5'9'' or 175 cm tall.

  9. Oscar Pine's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Oscar, the newest addition to teams RWBY and JNPR, and Ozpin's new reincarnation, is the youngest in the group.

    He was only 14 years old when he became aware of Ozpin's soul inhabiting his body.

    By the end of Volume 8, he's approximately 15 years old. However, his birthday and height are not specified.

  10. Sun Wukong's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Sun first came to Beacon as a visiting student. He is now enrolled in Shade Academy in Vacuo, and if their typical age ranges are similar to Beacon's, he's most likely 19 or 20 years old by Volume 9.

    We don't see Sun as much now that he has moved on to continue his studies, but for many fans, he's still a favorite whom we'll hopefully see more of in RWBY's final installments.

  11. Penny Polendina's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Penny is a robot created by her father, so she doesn't have a birthday as such.

    Exactly when she was created is not clear, but awkward behavior aside, she behaves like a girl around Ruby's age.

    At 5'5" (165 cm) she wasn't made very tall, but her robotic powers and semblance make her one of the strongest characters in the series.

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  12. Neo's Age, Birthday, and Height

    Neo has proven to be one of the most iconic and entertaining villains in RWBY.

    Not much is known about her past, but she appears in the companion novel RWBY: Roman Holiday initially as an 8-year-old nonverbal child whose parents struggled to connect with her.

    By the end of the book, Neo is 18 and she has joined the criminal Roman Torchwick.

    Based on this, she's presumed to be between 21 and 23 years old in Volume 1, making her 23 to 25 in Volume 9.

    She's a mere 4'10'' or 147 cm in heels, but she more than makes up for it with her creepy semblance and overall competence.

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  13. Ozpin's Inner Circle

    RWBY started as a school anime of sorts, which means that the young protagonists are the most hyped ones, but there are plenty of older characters for adult fans to vibe with.

    • Ozpin appears to be middle-aged (though the anime design makes it hard to tell). Of course, if you start counting from his original life as Ozma before the world was destroyed, he's many millennia old.
    • Qrow Branwen (and therefore his sister, Raven, and former teammate, Tai) seem to be in their late 30s, which would make sense given their shared past. This also means they would've been in their early 20s when Yang was born.
    • Ironwood's age isn't confirmed, but he appears to be in his early 40s.
    • Glynda Goodwitch seems to be in her mid to late 30s.

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  14. Salem and Subordinates

    Salem is the oldest character in the series, having lived for several millennia. Her inner circle's age varies from young to middle-aged:

    • Cinder Fall seems to be in her early or mid-twenties. She's quite intimidating at 5'11" or 180 cm.
    • Emerald's age isn't known, but she seems to view Cinder as an older sister figure, which leads us to think she's probably in her late teens.
    • Mercury is likely of a similar age to Emerald, as they both managed to pass for exchange students in the first volumes of RWBY.
    • Tyrian is likely in his mid or late 30s.
    • Watts and Hazel were middle-aged.

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