Do Blake and Yang End Up Together in RWBY?

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Do Blake and Yang End Up Together in RWBY
Credit: Rooster Teeth

RWBY is a female-driven show that focuses on friendship before romance. A large part of the four main characters' arcs is learning to be better friends and trusting one another. But is there room for romance in the show? For instance, do Blake and Yang end up together?

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Do Blake and Yang End Up Together?

Do Blake and Yang End Up Together in RWBY 1
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

After a slow burn buildup, Yang and Blake are now officially a couple. Between the two, there were always little gestures and other elements that hinted at a romance.

Blake and Yang were always more affectionate toward each other than toward anyone else, so it's no surprise that many fans ship them together. Moreover, it seems that Rooster Teeth had planned for a romance all along.

As a pair in battle, Yang and Blake have always been close, though their relationship was temporarily strained after Volume 3.

When Yang loses her arm in a fight with Adam, Blake blames herself for failing to protect her and departs for her home island, leaving her team behind.

Do Blake and Yang End Up Together Blake
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

The two later reconcile, and they even manage to stand up to Adam together this time, showing how far they've gone as characters and as a battle pair.

Later on, Yang and Blake exchange a meaningful look when they talk about being there for each other.

When Blake cuts her hair off -- in what is conversely often referred to as the "bisexual haircut" on TV -- Yang tries to get used to Blake's new look, leading to a sweetly awkward moment that feels a bit like flirting.

Later on in Volume 8, Blake and Yang find themselves on different missions, and for a moment, Blake thinks that Yang didn't make it.

Their reunion is very emotional, and the romantic elements can't be missed.

What Does the Future Hold for Blake and Yang?

Do Blake and Yang End Up Together in RWBY 2
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

It looks like some theories and predictions for RWBY Volume 9 -- particularly the speculation that this volume is the one for Blake and Yang -- turned out correct.

The ship has been nicknamed "Bumbleby" as black and yellow are Blake and Yang's color schemes, respectively.

In a 2018 RTX interview with Arryn Zech and Kara Eberle, the voice actors of Blake and Weiss, the former mentioned that several characters love Blake, including Yang.

After all of team RWBY fell into a fairy tale world, it took a while for the other three girls to find Yang.

Without spoiling anything, let's say that Blake and Yang were very relieved to see each other -- and it only got better from there!

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Do Blake and Sun End Up Together?

Do Blake and Yang End Up Together in RWBY 3
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

Zech's comment can't be considered a full confirmation of the Bumbleby ship, especially since Blake also had a lot of screen time with Sun, a fellow faunus who helped her a lot in her Volumes 4 and 5 character arc.

Once again, their relationship isn't overtly romantic, but many of their interactions could be interpreted as such, and they depart on good terms, with Blake kissing him on the cheek.

Both ships have their vocal supporters and neither relationship is official yet.

While Sun's support of Blake was heartwarming overall, many agree that there are a few troubling elements.

In one scene, Sun does something annoying, at which point Blake slaps him.

If the genders were reversed there, we wouldn't even need to explain why this is a relationship red flag. Physical violence is never ok, no matter where it comes from.

In this particular case, we wouldn't go so far as to say that Blake would necessarily be an abusive partner.

She does go through a lot of development and slowly learns to connect with others in healthy ways.

Some would put this down as a one-off, and attribute it to her trauma and the fact that she recently escaped an abusive relationship.

Whatever the case, the scene left a bitter taste and, for some fans, it ended the possibility of shipping Blake with Sun.

What Does the Future Hold for Blake and Sun?

What Does The Future Hold for Blake and Yang Sun
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

Even if the above incident were not taken into account, many have noted that although the dynamic between Sun and Blake is often fun, it seems a bit one-sided.

Sun put his and his team's activities on hold to help Blake, while she often seems annoyed by his behavior.

Overall, Blake and Sun are good friends, and their banter is part of the dynamic, but the relationship lacks the subtle but ever-present tenderness that makes the Bumbleby ship shine.

Yang and Blake RWBY
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

Up until now, only Ren and Nora were anything close to official ship-wise, and even they are now trying to learn more about themselves before becoming an official couple. But, after all, Blake and Yang have beaten them to it.

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Is Bumbleby Going to Be Canon in RWBY Volume 9?

Yang and Blake Together Volume 9
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

So far, Bumbleby had a semi-canon status, but in Volume 9, others noticed it too -- even before Yang and Blake fell (literally) into the situation that caused them to become an official couple.

In the second episode of Volume 9, we see Blake and Yang joking in a flirty way before getting very close to holding hands.

Weiss and Ruby notice, with the former pointing out that it was about time, implying she has known for a while.

Many fans are bound to agree with Weiss because this is indeed very cute.

In the middle of the series, the team meets an older Jaune, who fell into the Ever After later than them but was tricked into messing up with time.

Jaune takes the team to a safe place he knows, however, there's a catch.

Those who have unresolved issues fall into magical barriers they must navigate before being allowed to move on.


As it turns out, what Blake and Yang needed to resolve was their mutual feelings.

Eventually, the two manage to admit that they love each other and kiss for the first time.

This was one of the most adorable scenes so far and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Bumbleby!

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