Are Ren and Nora Together in RWBY?

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Are Ren and Nora Together in RWBY
Credit: Rooster Teeth

Ren and Nora are among the RWBY characters we've seen less of, though they're becoming more of a narrative focus in newer seasons. After 8 seasons, their dynamics have shifted quite a bit, making fans wonder about their relationship; so are Ren and Nora together in RWBY?

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About Ren and Nora

Are Ren and Nora Together in RWBY 1
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

Ren and Nora are hunters in training and they form half of team JNPR led by Jaune Arc.

In line with the show's mythology, legend, and fairy tale references, Ren and Nora's characters - like the entire team JNPR - allude to famous characters who have presented as the opposite gender at some point.

Lie Ren is based on Mulan who dressed up as a male soldier to go to war, while Nora Valkyrie is based on Thor who once disguised himself as the goddess Freya to retrieve his hammer.

Their powers and overall character aesthetics are also in tune with these references.

Nora's exact backstory is not yet clear, but flashbacks have shown that she was found by Ren when she was very young and all alone, presumably because of the devastation caused by Grimm.

Ren's family also died because of the Grimm so Nora and Ren grew up fighting together and protecting each other until they ended up enrolling in Beacon together and becoming teammates.

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Are Ren and Nora Together in RWBY?

Are Ren and Nora Together in RWBY 2
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Credit: Rooster Teeth

As of Volume 9, Ren and Nora both have feelings for one another but their relationship status is a bit complicated.

For several seasons, Ren and Nora's exact relationship wasn't clear, as the two were very close and always seen together but there was no explicit romance.

Later seasons revealed that after all they've been through together, Nora had developed a crush on Ren but didn't know how to act upon it. The latest seasons revealed that Ren reciprocated her feelings.

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By that point, however, Nora had decided that although she loves Ren, she needs to figure out her identity as a person separate from him, since spending their whole life together she has come to define herself in connection with him.

RWBY is set to have 12 seasons in total, meaning there's plenty of room for their relationship to develop further - we'll soon see what RWBY Volume 9 has in store for them. RWBY: Ice Queendom might even give them a few new scenes.


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