Running Man Tag Race ON Again: Disney+ Spin-Off Series Unveils 10 Masked K-pop Idols



Running Man received its first spinoff series as Disney+ introduced a new chapter through Running Man: More Playing Than Running.

Longtime fans of the variety show can surely remember the thrilling days where the members ran around South Korean landmarks to avoid themselves getting caught. Though it changed its concept in the past years, the comedy variety show still offers madcap adventures to fans.

Running Man's popularity gave birth to a half-hour animated show featuring all members – including former members Gary and Lee Kwang Soo – in their animal forms. It also received a comic book and musical adaptation in the past years.

This time, Disney+ came forward and expanded Running Man's territory by giving it a spinoff series.

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Running Man Drops Two Episodes So Far

On November 12, Disney+ officially launched the show in South Korea and Asia-Pacific regions. It unveiled its first two episodes – Prologue: A New Beginning and Fight! Masked Idol!

For the latter episode, members Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, and Ji Suk Jin receive a mission to chase down 10 K-pop idols from different groups. AllKpop confirmed that the members came from DKB, ATEEZ, SF9, DAY6, Golden Child, ONF, N.Flying, VERIVERY, Pentagon, and The Boyz.

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Only those who successfully save their name tags will be allowed to take off their masks and reveal their identities.

Following Friday's episode, Running Man: More Playing Than Running will drop its regular episodes on Disney+ every Wednesday.

What's New On Running Man: More Playing Than Running

Instead of the seven members, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, and Ji Suk Jin are the only permanent cast members on the show. Meanwhile, the other original members' Song Ji Hyo and Yang Se-Chan will serve as guest stars. It remains unclear whether Yoo Jae Suk and Jeon So Min will join them soon.

Deffconn, Kim Jong Min, Yoo Se Yoon, and Choi Joon will also be guest stars on the show.

Like the original series, the spinoff will also welcome several special guests every week. It will feature the country's famous landmarks again while making the members do more missions and games.

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