08 Nov 2021 8:26 AM +00:00 UTC

BTS Jin Hits Back After Fan Asks Group To Leave HYBE

BTS reached where they are now because of the help provided by Big Hit Entertainment – now HYBE.

While K-pop groups from the industry's Big 3 easily garner attention, groups like BTS had to wait for years to prove that they were also worthy of the spotlight. From their debut in 2013, the group eventually reached the peak of their career and continues to do so in the present.

As their agency, now-HYBE, adapts more changes to improve everything about the company, one fan is seemingly unhappy with the current happenings and wants BTS out of the company soon.

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An ARMY Asks BTS To Leave HYBE

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On Weverse, a fan asked the members to leave the company without adding more context to the members. Jin eventually saw the message and left a reply.


As he also had no idea why the fan left such a comment, BTS' oldest member asked the fan why they wanted the members to leave the company.

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The conversation immediately went viral on Korean community websites, with fans protecting Jin and BTS from backlash while others sympathized with the fan. Some users suggested that all members should know about it and hope they would understand why the fan acted that way.

Meanwhile, another fan asked ARMYs to be warry of their words as statements like that one could hurt the members.


Is HYBE's Latest Move On Cryptocurrency The Reason Behind Fan's Comment?

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Before the comment emerged, BTS' agency confirmed that it partnered with Crypto Exchange operator to sell the digital photo cards of HYBE's artists through cryptocurrency.


Forbes revealed that the company plans to acquire a 2.5 percent stake in Dunamu. It is currently the company behind the Korean crypto trading platform Upbit. To secure the share, the company would need to provide $422 million and 2.3 million worth of shares.

"HYBE and Dunamu plan to develop an NFT business under a new joint venture, which will allow the artist IP-based content and products that HYBE has showcased to date to become digital assets for fans," Bang Si Hyuk said.

Fans immediately expressed their dismay and rage upon learning the news, saying they would not tolerate the company's ways in using BTS to do NFT. Because of the massive condemnation the company suffered from, fans assumed that this probably contributed to the Weverse user's recent comment.

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