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Kim Jong Kook Lambasted: Critic Greg Doucette Still Receives Backlash After Criticizing Korean Star

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Kim Jong Kook became a subject of a steroids-related rumor after a fitness trainer first raised suspicions, and the critic suffered from backlash afterward.

In October, Canadian bodybuilder Greg Doucette uploaded his video Kim Jung Kook \\ Natty or Not and shared his thoughts about Kim Jong Kook's body. He said he could not determine the Running Man star's real physique as the Korean star allegedly uses steroids to buff his body even more.

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Kim Jong Kook's fans quickly criticized Doucette and accused him of feeling jealous over the singer's fitness goals. Even weeks after the video surfaced, fans still could not stop calling out the bodybuilder.

Greg Doucette Says Media Misinterpreted His Comments About Kim Jong Kook

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A week after the video was first uploaded, Doucette uploaded a follow-up clip and dismissed the multiple media outlets' claims he criticized Kim Jong Kook. He also suspected them of exaggerating his claims, causing fans to condemn him even more.

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"Essentially all of Korea is upset that I said that Kim Jong Kook might have taken HRT or potentially used PEDs. I went over his video, and I went over his workout. You told me the guy works out two and three hours a day, and that's why he looks like he does. But it's not how it works. When you do too much, it's called overtraining. When you overtrain, you have less muscle. It's even more proof that he's probably taking something," he continuously said.

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Doucette noted that most people who came after him told him he just did irreversible damage to Kim Jong Kook's career. For what it's worth, the Korean star just launched his YouTube channel, GYM JONG KOOK, and collaborated with artists and celebrities to share their secrets and ideal bodies with his followers.

In just one destructive video, Doucette would have stolen away what Kim Jong Kook worked hard on. But following his post, Kim Jong Kook shared a speed workout video on his channel to prove how he attains his body goal without using steroids.

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Kim Jong Kook To Take Massive Step To Prove He's Not Using Steroids

After Greg Doucette placed his $1 million bet, Kim Jong Kook seemingly accepted the challenge and declared he took 391 doping tests to show he is not using steroids to keep his body fit.

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On his YouTube channel, he shared a photo of testing equipment and underwent 391 doping tests approved by the 2022 World Anti-Doping Agency. Although it will take a long time to do the test and get the results, he is reportedly desperate to show he is not using anything on his body.


Kim Jong Kook, in the end, thanked everyone who helped him and those who continue to do so. With his recent move, he reportedly hopes everyone will learn to be mature enough and respect other people's capacities and differences.

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