Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Imagined as Wanda & Vision in Crossover Art

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Credit: Summit Entertainment

The Twilight saga and WandaVision are two completely different projects, there's no doubt about that but when you think about it, they actually have one thing in common: both revolve around the "perfect" love story between and woman (Bella Swan and Wanda Maximoff) and the man of her dreams (Edward Cullen and Vision).

Crazier things have happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but WandaVision has managed to turn the dial up to eleven and since its debut, the hit Disney+ series has never ceased to impress and intrigue a lot of fans with its out of this world plot presented through various American sitcoms.

Now, we've already seen how Wanda Maximoff is messing up with reality to her benefit but what if she (or Agatha Harkness aka Agnes, for that matter) pulled the unthinkable and "recast" herself and her dreamy synthezoid and depicted themselves as another iconic pop culture couple?

Artist @thebutcherbilly unveiled his awesome WandaVision fan art and put a massive Twilight twist on it. Instead of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, he cast Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen in the roles of Wanda and Vision, and although it's quite unsettling, the way WandaVision is presented almost makes this one acceptable. Check it out here:

Speaking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's power couple, the last few episodes of WandaVision revolved around the cracks in their relationship and how Vision is adamant about making things right. Wanda, on the other hand, has seemingly given up on fixing their relationship which is quite surprising considering she created her own pocket reality for the already deceased synthezoid.

It'll be interesting to see if Wanda and Vision will still manage to have their happily ever after, despite everything that's been going on inside and outside of Westview but as a bonafide fan of the show and the entire franchise, I'm genuinely hoping that their story will be given a happy ending because as Darcy said, they truly belong together.

WandaVision premieres new episodes every Friday on Disney+.

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