Ren In Talks With Big Planet Agency Following NU'EST's Disbandment

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Ren, a former NU’EST member, is ready to continue his journey under a new agency.

After 10 years since debut, NU’EST formally ended their career as a group and announced their disbandment. Although the news broke their fans’ hearts, they left them with good memories by leaving four studio albums, eight EPs, 17 singles, and 27 music videos to them.

Over a month since the group’s stint ended, one of their members – Ren – seemingly found a new home already.

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Ren In Talks With Big Planet Made

In the past weeks, rumors about Ren planning to sign with Big Planet Made emerged. The company is home to several renowned K-pop artists like Soyou, VIVIZ, Ha Sung Woon, Huh Gak, and Lee Mujin, among others.

News1 first reported the news, before Big Planet Made decided to respond to it through a statement.

“It is true that we met with Ren, but nothing has been decided regarding a contract,” a representative said.

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Ren, alongside Aron and JR, cut ties with Pledis Entertainment. Meanwhile, the two other members Minhyun and Baekho renewed their contracts as solo artists.

Aside from being a K-pop idol, Ren also starred in musicals like Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Jamie.

NU’EST’s Disbandment Revisited

Ren’s decision to open conversations with Big Planet Made came over a month since Pledis Entertainment released a statement on WeVerse confirming his departure from the agency. His contract expired on March 14.

“Our company and the members of NU’EST went through careful consideration and discussions on the future of the individual members and on what would be the best path for everyone and how they can present their best selves. We respect and support the decisions of every member, as they are the result of careful and extensive consideration and discussions,” Pledis said.

Despite their disbandment, the group still released an album under the company last month. Titled Needle & Bubble, the project presented its emotional title track Again, composed and written by Baekho, which tackles about having the same feelings for one another even if everything has already changed.

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