Red Velvet Irene in Hot Water Due to Recent Power Abuse Controversy

Credit: JTBC ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: JTBC ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Red Velvet Irene received more criticism as the K-pop idol got embroiled in a new power abuse controversy after similar accusations came out in the past.

Fans of Irene have been seeing nothing but the good in her ever since she debuted as a K-pop idol. In fact, she mostly garners attention because of her high-tier visuals and talents.

But recently, the SM Entertainment artist got into the middle of a power abuse issue during her recent vacation.

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Red Velvet Irene Abuses Her Own Staff, New Report Claims

In an article posted by Xportsnews (via Naver) on July 29, it revealed that Irene went on a vacation with a close staff.

While it proves her closeness with the workers around her, it turned out that the idol seemingly used her power again by using the staff to carry the luggage while she comfortably walked with a single bag on her shoulder.

"(The news says), 'Irene recently went on vacation with her close staff so that she will reveal her comfortable and unpretentious appearance through entertainment programs.' However, the photos taken at the actual vacation spot are a little strange,’ the post said.

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The aforesaid photo was taken in Bali in May. The author of the post questioned the Happiness hitmaker and said why she had her close friends carry all her things.

It was not the first time she had faced a similar issue.

In 2020, she also came under fire for mistreating and lashing out a fashion editor during one of her photoshoots. She admitted her fault and apologized for her behavior at that time.

Reporter Reveals Truth About Power Abuse Controversy

Following the issue, former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho shared a new video on August 1 to address it. The YouTuber has been known for his investigations and statements regarding the issues surrounding South Korean celebrities.

According to Lee Jin Ho, Irene was asked to film her reality show. Thus, she asked her staff to push the luggage for her.

"It is impossible to judge [Irene] with just one photo. So, I looked up all of the photos and videos were taken at the airport. In conclusion, it is difficult to say that Irene is abusing her power. There were even many actions that can be considered good stories for her," he said.

Lee Jin Ho noted that Irene started filming her program after arriving at the airport.

New photos also proved that she had been carrying her own bag throughout her arrival.

SM Entertainment is yet to comment on the matter.

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