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Emergency Declaration: Song Kang Ho Shares What Makes Upcoming Korean Disaster Film More Interesting Than International Movies

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Emergency Declaration actor Song Kang Ho spoke highly of his upcoming disaster film.

Song Kang Ho challenged himself in a new disaster film following his recent Best Actor milestone through Broker. The upcoming movie is the newest addition to South Korea’s tragic disaster flicks, and it explores s the stories of people in a flight whose lives have been bombarded with terrorist threats.

Some fans already saw it when it premiered at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in July 2021, where it was selected for the Out of Competition section.

The award-winning star plays the role of veteran detective In Ho, who investigates the threats. He aims to stop the disaster from worsening, but he finds himself in the middle of a heated fight.

Before its official release, he sat down for an interview and differentiate Emergency Declaration from other disaster films.

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Emergency Declaration Is Unique, Song Kang Ho Says

On Wednesday, Song Kang Ho sat for an interview with The Korea Times and detailed how it differs from other disaster films.

Per the actor, the upcoming film will also deliver a message to its audience, unlike other flicks.

"As we live, we will come across disasters that shouldn't happen, whether small or large. But I think the important thing here is how we process it and work through it. And this film has a message on what we should value the most during that process, which I resonated deeply with," he said.

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This resonated with what director Han Jae Rim said during the film’s press conference. He said that the film aims to highlight the nature of humans through a disaster story.

The director noted that people go through different phases — including fear and weakness — during a trying time. Han Jae Rim set the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, saying that people manage to get through it because of logical decisions.

Song Kang Ho Says It Was Difficult To Portray His Character

By the end of the interview, he said he found it hard not to make his character too emotional.

"Having (the story) set on a plane was unique, I think. If it was a ship or train, there are stations that it can stop by. But on an airplane, you can't get any (physical) contact under any situation," he said.

With that, he reportedly tried to portray a realistic dilemma and sympathetic feeling.

Emergency Declaration is scheduled to premiere on August 3.

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