Extraordinary Attorney Woo Interesting Fact: Director, Writer Share Why They Decided To Add Plot Twists to K-Drama

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Credit: ASTORY/YouTube Screenshot

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, director and writer, revealed more behind-the-scenes information about the K-drama.

The ENA series continues to see skyrocketing viewership ratings since it first premiered. Most recently, it hit an all-time high through its 10th episode, garnering a 15.2 percent average nationwide rating.

Reaching the number became more possible because the viewers ages 20 to 49 contributed 8.4 percent to the total viewership rating.

Amid its success, the K-drama’s director and writer reflected on Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s popularity and dropped more details about the process of writing and producing it.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Director Did Not Expect K-Drama’s Popularity

In an interview shared by Newsen, director Yoo In Sik opened up how they never anticipated Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s success. The showrunner said that the fact that the drama came from a not-a-very-known company made them not expect too much from it.

This explains why episode 1 only had less than 1 percent viewership rating. But starting episode 2, it finally flew higher than they expected.

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“If compared to food, the drama is like mild-tasting pyongyang naengmyeon, so I thought it would be great if people who are fond of such topics would watch this drama. But I never imagined people to give such fervent support from the beginning,” the director went on.

As it continues to air its episodes, Extraordinary Attorney Woo would reportedly focus on Woo Young Woo becoming an excellent attorney after shedding light on whether or not she could become a great lawyer.

Why The Drama Has Whales Revealed

Writer Moon Ji Won, meanwhile, took her time to explain the appearance of whales in the K-drama. She explained that she worked closely with the director, who told her it would be nice to have something that could visualize Woo Young Woo’s thoughts.

“People who are on the autism spectrum often get deeply immersed in a specific subject and have expert knowledge on it, so I deliberated for a long time over several subjects. The most popular cases are dinosaurs, trains, weather, and cars, but the reason I chose whales over the other subjects is because they look cool,” she said.

With that, she inserted the famous “whale eureka” scenes starting from the first episode.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is expected to offer more surprises as it airs its episodes every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m. KST.

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