16 Best Waifus in Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

Credit: Wit Studio

Attack on Titan has its share of quality and superior anime waifus that contribute to the added value of the series. From Mikasa’s beautiful locks to Historia’s gorgeous blue eyes, some of the best girls in the anime world can only be found in Attack on Titan.

Character polls also exist in Attack on Titan, despite its dark nature. Japanese people often vote for their favorite character from the series, and then the results once tallied and obtained, are written in the manga’s guidebook. Some people also like to rank characters. For instance, the 10 most beautiful scout regiment members, and so on and so forth. Attack on Titan is no exception to this culture.

In this article, we have compiled 16 of the Best Waifus in Attack on Titan to make you swoon and fall in love. If you’re going to be in an Otome dating game featuring these waifus, who will you choose? Don’t worry, because we've got you covered!

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  1. Isabel Magnolia

    Pros: If you want Isabel to become your waifu, you have to be prepared to handle all of her mischief and quirkiness. She is not easily tamed, so you’ll have a hard time getting to know her. However, once you become close to her, then there’s no going back.

    Cons: She is an experienced thief who can find ways to rob and drain your bank accounts. Also, she is trained by Captain Levi, so who knows when or where you’ll meet your doom.

  2. Carla Yeager

    Pros: She's good wife material. Perhaps that is one of her assets aside from her gorgeous looks and beautiful personality. If you want Carla to be by your side, then you should woo her with your intellect. Plus points if you are a physician.

    Cons: She can be too nosy around you. Well, you can’t blame her. She’s just doing her job as your waifu, so let her be. While she can nag you all day, she can also calm you down because of her nurturing presence and nature.

  3. Hitch Dreyse

    Pros: If all you want is a tsundere waifu, you can have Hitch. She’s also a wild pokemon, so be wary of her true self, actions, and intentions. If you want to hang out with Hitch, prepare a hard bat in order to break her walls.

    Cons: You'll never get a confession from Hitch. You’ll die first before having Hitch tell you that she likes you. Just go ahead and say it directly to her face.

  4. Yelena

    Pros: Picking Yelena out of the bunch is just like picking the sharpest thorn among the roses. However, if you want to challenge yourself, then I advise you to go hang out with Yelena. Well, she looks like a couture model after all.

    Cons: Friendly advice, before you give your trust fund to Yelena, make sure that she won’t betray you in the end. Otherwise, you’ll be her laughing stock.

  5. Nanaba

    Pros: She will sacrifice anything even her life just to protect you. Aside from her cool undercut, she will also give you everything that you want in the world. She will literally die a hero, while looking awesome and cool, just to save you from the titans. Friendly advice, she’s a keeper.

    Cons: You'll never know and understand her true feelings. She can keep everything to herself, so make sure that you can communicate with her on a more personal level. Be patient; she will open up to you sooner or later.

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  6. Gabi Braun

    Pros: Both of you will have the time of your lives because Gabi is the life of the party. If you want someone who is far more sociable than the others, then go with Gabi. There will never be a dull moment with her!

    Cons: Always keep your eyes on Gabi. One day, out of hatred, she might shoot you in the head. Keep going, soldier!

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  7. Annie Leonhart

    Pros: With Annie, everything will feel like the two of you against the world. She is one tough nut to crack, so make sure that you can stay at her level, otherwise give up. However, if you win her heart, then you two will be unstoppable.

    Cons: She can Muay Thai her way out of an argument, so be extra careful. Learn from Eren and Reiner. Please don’t make her angry or she’ll break and crush your bones.

  8. Petra Ral

    Pros: If you want an older sister waifu, then I suggest picking up Petra Ral. She can be naggy and nosy, but that’s just her nature. It’s her way of showing concern and affection, so let her do her thing. At hard times, she can also speak words of wisdom that can motivate you.

    Cons: Don’t let her climb a tree; otherwise, she could fall to her death.

  9. Hange Zoe

    Pros: Choose Hange if you want someone who shares your passion for adventure and discovering new things. She can be a bit over-the-top, but that’s just how she is whenever something has caught her interest. If you're with Hange, it will be an adventure of a lifetime for you.

    Cons: She’ll do crazy experiments on your body, so make sure to take a bath regularly. She can also talk for 24 hours, so be prepared to lose a lot of sleep.

  10. Ymir Fritz

    Pros: If you want a low-key relationship, then choose Ymir Fritz. I assure you, your dating life with her will be subtle, quiet, and peaceful. Aside from her extreme loyalty, she will also destroy an entire island for you if you want to.

    Cons: You will spend more time talking to your pets than Ymir Fritz. Also, she will die 13 years earlier than expected, so kindly spend a lot of time with her and make memories together.

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  11. Ymir

    Pros: She can be harder to understand than any other waifu on our list, but I assure you, she’s a pure and kind-hearted soul that only wants someone to stay with her. She has a tough shell, but once you break in, you’re in for a surprise.

    Cons: She can kick your ass and break up with you in an instant. Perhaps, she will always be that one girl that got away from everyone.

  12. Sasha Braus

    Pros: Being with Sasha is like being at a celebration. Every day, you two will be feasting and munching on the tastiest treats in Paradis. Aside from that, she can teach you how to hunt and shoot your arrows.

    Cons: You will get fat from eating too much every day while Sasha is still the same. Better get your metabolism running or she’ll beat you to the dust.

  13. Pieck Finger

    Pros: Pieck is extremely gorgeous, possibly one of the most attractive anime waifus on our list. Not being biased, but she is top-tier, so you’ll be lucky if you get a shot with her. Aside from being pretty, she is also extremely intelligent in terms of strategizing. You'll never be able to outwit Pieck, for she’ll be able to sense your plans.

    Cons: She can transform into a cart titan with no feminine characteristics. There are always two sides to a coin, so it’s up to you if you can’t accept her at her worst and not be able to love her at her best. Choose wisely!

  14. Frieda Reiss

    Pros: She will be your country girl anime waifu. Aside from her being royal blood, she can also take you out on her farm, read books to you, and visit you often. Her gorgeous long hair and blue eyes will charm you and keep you on the ground.

    Cons: She has the ability to erase your memory, so pull out your diary to remember your interactions with her.

  15. Historia Reiss

    Pros: If you’ll be able to date Historia, then you are one heck of a lucky guy. Aside from being a keeper, she is also everyone’s wife material and dream girl. Literally, she can take you to heaven just by smiling and looking at you.

    Cons: Everyone is keeping an eye on Historia, so make sure that you rise against your rivals!

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  16. Mikasa

    Pros: Aside from Mikasa’s rare and gorgeous looks and well-toned body (her abs!), Mikasa also excels in fighting and getting things done. So, if you want someone to be your bodyguard or perhaps a personal tutor, then go for Mikasa.

    Cons: Eren Yeager. That’s it.

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