Is Amado a Villain in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations? Here's What We Know

Amado, the former head of Kara organization's research and development division, has since defected to Konohagakure, where he used a blend of bluffs and gifts to gain official citizenship for the Hokage's protection.

The former Inner of Kara succeeded in enlisting the help of Naruto and Sasuke to kill Isshiki Otsutsuki's. However, his end goal is still unclear, and fans are speculating that he could be a major villain in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Amado Boruto
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Amado Boruto

While the current arc of Masashi Kishimoto's shonen manga series focuses on the conflict against the villain Code, Isshiki's most loyal servant, Amado's actions are still suspicious, and it's hard to believe that he has purely good intentions. With the release of Chapter 74 of the manga, we can now speculate what Amado wants to accomplish and how Boruto, Kawaki, Naruto, and Sasuke fit into his plans.

What is Amado's ultimate goal?

Amado Boruto
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Amado Boruto

Amado's initial goal is to destroy the entire Otsutsuki Clan, whose actions he considers as parasitic. Ever since Amado defected to Konoha, Shikimaru has been deeply suspicious of Konoha's new ally, and it's easy to see why. Amado keeps his intentions mysterious at all times, and is complicit in the multiple atrocities committed by Kara, including the deaths of numerous shinobi and the manipulation of Dr. Katasuke.

The scientist swears his intentions was only ever to protect the world from Isshiki, and he had no choice but to play along as a faithful Kara member until the time to attack arrived, but there are various clues that suggest that Amado has a hidden agenda.

There is a theory that claims that Amado wants to revive his daughter, who died twelve years before the reign of the Seventh Hokage. The former Kara scientist spent years working under Isshiki, someone he hated, only to gain the opportunity to take him down. From what we've seen so far, it wouldn't be surprising to see him to this far. After all, he experimented on various children in order to find the most suitable vessel for Isshiki.

According to the speculation, Amado waited for Kawaki to mature then used Naruto and Sasuke to kill the one that would have otherwise possess the vessel (Isshiki). However, why is Kawaki important for Amado?

The manga already revealed that Amado had a daughter who died twelve years prior to Isshiki's assault on Konoha, but before that was even confirmed, there were theories that claim that Delta, one of the many cyborgs Amado created for Kara, was designed after his dead daughter. While there's no evidence to support this theory, further discussion has generated an entirely new train of thought.

By fusing his daughter's DNA with Isshiki's latent power in the White Karma, it's possible to transform Kawaki into a vessel for his child while also ensuring that he gets the power level of an Otsutsuki.

According to a theory, Amado needed to remove Isshiki's existing Karma mark on Kawaki and have someone kill Isshiki before it could be replanted. By scheming to align with Naruto, Amado got his wish, and is now able to infect Kawaki with his own artificial Karma, using Kawaki as a puppet that can even become more powerful than an Otsutsuki. This would explain the scientist's strange behavior, why Kawaki goes bad, and how Konoha was destroyed in the flashforward in Boruto.

It seems that Amado was affected by Ada's infatuation power, so there's no strong evidence that supports that she could be his secret daughter.

Chapter 70 reveals a tension between Amado and Shikimaru. Amado reveals that there are exceptions to who Ada can entrap with her infatuation ability: blood relatives and Ohtsutsuki, and Shikimaru reacts angrily because the scientist didn't reveal this information sooner.

Amado tells him that if he did, Shikimaru would summon Kawaki right away to fight Code, and Shikimaru asks what's wrong with that. He says that he can't afford to have Kawaki die, and that Kawaki's presence has got to be a headache for him because he was a seed of trouble to Konoha from the start, but why does Amado want Kawaki alive?

Chapter 71 confirmed that Amado has his own goal, but he tells Ada to wait until they get to Konoha. It's likely that Chapter 75 will reveal more of Amado's ultimate plan, so expect more details to be revealed when it comes out on Nov. 20.

Why did Amado plant Kawaki's Karma without his consent?

Amado Kawaki
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Amado Kawaki

In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 68, Shikimaru confronts Amado after discovering that he implanted Karma in Kawaki without his consent. Amado says that Kawaki "fundamentally loathes" Karma, so he wouldn't be able to get his consent, but explains that for the Karma to manifest, his intent was absolutely essential, and that this is the result he wished for.

Amado tells Shikimaru that they were able to survive the latest crisis against Kara because of Kawaki's Karma, but Shikimaru tells him not to dodge the question, and that what he did was not for Konoha or Kawaki's benefit. Shikimaru goes on to ask why Amado is interested in Kawaki's Karma itself, but unfortunately, Code interrupts their conversation by teleporting via his claw mark on Shikimaru's back, which triggered the trap for the villain: a new version of Delta, codenamed "Bronco".

In Boruto Chapter 70, Sumere tells Kawaki that Amado might have put Karma without consent for his own benefit, but for what reason? The end of that chapter shows Code raising his claw to kill Amado after the scientist apparently removes the villain's limiters, but the scene cuts to an end before we get to see if he survives the attack.

Redditor YungRei shared an interesting theory about Amado's ultimate goal, which you can read below:

Chapter 71 reveals that Amado has his own objective involving Kawaki. It turns out that Amado planted a unique emergency shutdown command code that only he can use as an insurance to protect his standing in the village. He explains to Ada that Kawaki's karma is necessary to achieve his goal, but he didn't fully reveal what that goal is. He tells Ada to wait until they get to Konoha, and that Ada should accept Shikimaru's offer to meet Kawaki.

In Chapter 72, Amado tells Shikimaru via phone that he's returning to Konoha with Eida and Daemon, and that Eida would accept Shikimaru's offer to be with Kawaki. Shikimaru is clearly upset that Amado is making rash decisions without Konoha's approval.

At the end of Chapter 74, we see Shikimaru and Naruto asking Amado to spill everything he knows, so it's likely that we will find out his true intentions in the next chapter.

What are Boruto fans saying about Amado?

Boruto Amado
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Boruto Amado

Over on Twitter, fans have shared their thoughts on the possibility of Amado being actually a villain.

Just like Tobi/Obito

Amado's extensive knowledge of karma is a sign.

Amado = Cool villain trope

Amado can shut them all down?

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