Can Boruto Control Momoshiki Explained

Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Chapter 68-Can Boruto Control Momoshiki?

Boruto-Naruto Next Generations Chapter 68-Can Boruto Control Momoshiki?

Boruto appears to be taking a break from Momoshiki's karma within him. If we recall correctly, the young Uzumaki had a difficult time after Momoshiki decided to embed his seal in Boruto. That being said, Boruto is under a lot of stress as a result of the monstrous Otsutsuki that lives inside him. As a result, fans wonder: Can Boruto control Momoshiki in the same way that Kawaki controls his karma whenever he wants to use it?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from both the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime and manga!

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Is Momoshiki Inside Boruto?

Is Momoshiki inside Boruto?
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Yes, Momoshiki is inside Boruto. Technically, Momoshiki's karma resides within Boruto. This happened after the latter used Boruto's combined Rasengan with Naruto to finish off Momoshiki.

With that said, Boruto is able to still sense Momoshiki's presence thanks to his lineage of Byakugan users, even as Momoshiki fades away. On that note, Momoshiki's spirit appears in front of Boruto and tells him that, unlike his own, he can see the young Uzumaki's future clearly.

Momoshiki then touches Boruto's right hand, leaving a mysterious mark in his palm that we've all come to know as Momoshiki's Karma. Momoshiki, similar to Naruto's situation with Kurama, began residing inside Boruto solely to control the boy whenever possible or when the boy is in immediate danger after spending a lot of his chakra.

It should be noted, however, that as long as Boruto has Momoshiki's seal, the young Uzumaki is constantly under the threat of complete manifestation from Momoshiki.

On the other hand, some fans compare the seal to Sasuke's curse mark from earlier in the series. Sarada also compares it to Sakura's chakra seal, which is embedded in her forehead.

We'll have to wait and see if Momoshiki can return to his physical state after resurrecting Boruto at the expense of his own resurrection!

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Why is Momoshiki Inside Boruto?

Why is Momoshiki Inside Boruto?
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Some fans believe Momoshiki chose to live inside Boruto because of his ancestors. Boruto is a direct descendant of Hagoromo and Hamura, making him an ideal vessel for an Otsutsuki with Boruto's more relative blood. It has also been said that once an Otsutsuki is defeated, the victor will be granted power.

Furthermore, after seeing his future, Momoshiki chose Boruto over the powerful Naruto and Sasuke which is quite intriguing. It is said that Momoshiki's decision to choose Boruto after seeing the young boy's future is like a prophecy.

In any case, some fans believe that Boruto becoming overpowered without the help of Naruto and Sasuke is just a plot narrative to hype up the entire fandom.

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Can Momoshiki Control Boruto?

Can Momoshiki Control Boruto?
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Yes. In fact, Momoshiki has taken complete control of Boruto's body several times throughout the series. Momoshiki does this for the first time when Boro, an inner member of Kara, beats Boruto and renders the young Uzumaki unconscious.

Momoshiki then takes over Boruto's body via his Karma, which is embedded in Boruto. As a result, Momoshiki defeats Boro by absorbing chakra from the unconscious Naruto by unleashing a massive Rasengan.

In the midst of the fight with Isshiki, Momoshiki manifests inside Boruto once more. Momoshiki, on the other hand, fared poorly with the shinobis of the Hidden Leaf this time. After Isshiki's body crumbles to dust, Boruto launches a surprise attack on Sasuke's left eye, robbing him of his ability to cast Rinnegan. He then goes on to fight both Sasuke and Kawaki until Boruto regains consciousness.

Moving forward, Momoshiki controls Boruto for the third time in the manga during the Code arc. Surprisingly, Momoshiki fights alongside Code to defeat Naruto, Shikamaru, and Kawaki before going after Code again in order to defeat him and take the ten-tails.

Boruto, on the other hand, regains consciousness long enough to hold Momoshiki and allow Kawaki to strike him through the chest. At this point, Momoshiki's Karma has reached 82%, prompting Boruto to attempt suicide at the hands of Kawaki. As a result, an eager Momoshiki uses the remaining 18% of his DNA to resurrect Boruto and cancel his own resurrection.

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Can Boruto Control Momoshiki?

Can Boruto Control Momoshiki?
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As of this writing, it is unknown whether Boruto has full control over Momoshiki. While he believes that something has changed within him, the scientists are concerned about the imminent threat posed by Momoshiki. On the contrary, there are numerous hints in the series that Boruto, like Kawaki, will be able to use Karma at his leisure. Boruto, unlike Kawaki, received no significant training that would allow him to control Momoshiki.

Anyway, thanks to Amado's experimental drug, Boruto has been able to keep Momoshiki and his karma at bay. However, its side effects have a negative impact on Boruto's health. As a result, Boruto can only control Momoshiki for a limited time if he takes the extremely dangerous drug.

Boruto, according to some fans, will use Jougan to control Momoshiki. It's a reasonable theory given Jougan's ties to the Otsutsuki lineage, but there are still many unknowns about this ability. According to some, Jougan appears to be the culmination of pure chakra from the combined powers of Hagoromo and Hamura. In any case, the specifics are still a mystery among fans to this day.

What is certain is that, like Kawaki and Jigen, Boruto can activate his karma at any time after three years. The details leading to this timeline are still being worked out, so stay up to date on the events of the Boruto series, especially in the manga!

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