Raya and the Last Dragon Official Trailer Offers First Glimpse at Awkwafina's Sisu

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We have seen several little glimpses at Disney's Raya and the Last Dragon but we finally have the first official trailer. Interestingly, the full-length teaser also gives us our first look at Awkwafina's titular dragon Sisu.

The trailer opens with Raya telling her companions to remember their mission and "don't trust anyone." However, she immediately stumbles upon a lost baby and tries to find its mother. Amazingly, it is revealed that the child is working with animals who are trying to loot Raya and her friends.

Although Raya is shocked at the thought of a young child being a "con-baby," she soon realizes she might be able to use her help. It is then confirmed that Raya's mission is to find the titular last dragon Sisu to restore peace in the land.


It doesn't take long before Raya actually finds Sisu but the dragon isn't exactly up to her expectations. Can Raya and the last dragon work together and bring balance to the land?

Raya and the Last Dragon also features the voices of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actress Kelly Marie Tran and Eternals' Gemma Chan. Benedict Wong from Doctor Strange joins the cast as the giant named Tong.

The synopsis for the film reads as follows:

"Raya and the Last Dragon takes us on an exciting, epic journey to the fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons lived together long ago in harmony. But when an evil force threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity.
"Now, 500 years later, that same evil has returned and it's up to a lone warrior, Raya, to track down the legendary last dragon to restore the fractured land and its divided people. However, along her journey, she'll learn that it'll take more than a dragon to save the world—it's going to take trust and teamwork as well."

Raya and the Last Dragon will be released in selected theaters and on Disney+ Premiere Access on March 15.

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