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RAIN Reveals His Wife Kim Tae Hee Is The Boss in Their House

Credit: RAIN'S Official Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Rain, once again, shared a heartwarming detail about his marriage life with Kim Tae Hee.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee have been one of the most ideal celebrity couples in South Korea since they started dating years ago. They first confirmed their romance in 2013 and got married years later.

But even after sharing their time with their two kids, Rain and Kim Tae Hee reportedly follow a hierarchy in their home.

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Rain Says Kim Tae Hee Is The Boss

On June 17, Hong Jin Kyung uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel and spoke with Jo Se ho and Nam Chang Hee about her desire to create a clip with Kim Tae Hee. She particularly noted that she wanted the actress to give her tips on getting into the top university in Korea, Seoul National University.

After a few moments, Jo Se Ho called Kim Tae Hee’s husband and told them what Hong Jin Kyung wants.

The music producer laughed and told them that his wife feels too pressured to appear in such videos.

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With that, Hong Jin Kyung noted that the actress also never appeared in any of Rain’s videos. Still, she was happy that she got to talk to him.

In the end, Rain revealed that Kim Tae Hee is actually the boss in their home so he could not really make a suggestion like that.

"Yeah, I'm also not in the position to make that kind of suggestion to her. She's the boss in the house.", then added, "It would have been nice if this call was to ask me to join you,” he went on.

Rain Is The Most Supportive Husband

Rain’s comment resonated with what he truly likes toward his wife.

On Instagram, Kim Tae Hee shared a new post after being inactive for months. She posted some photos from her Botalab photoshoot and shared details about her gig.

But aside from her timeless beauty, Rain’s comment captured everyone’s attention as he showed his love to his wife in the cutest way possible. The K-pop idol showered her with heart emojis and told her that she was so pretty — as always!

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