Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch Accompanied By Prince Andrew At Prince Philip's Memorial Service

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Credit: 7NEWS Australia/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth was present at Prince Philip's memorial service. There were speculations that she might skip the event due to her health. However, what surprised many was that Her Majesty chose to be accompanied by her controversial son, Prince Andrew.

Queen Elizabeth Chose The Company Of Prince Andrew At Prince Philip's Thanksgiving Memorial Service

There were rumors that the Queen might not make it to her husband's memorial service because she could not walk or stand for long hours and didn't want to be photographed in a wheelchair. The 95-year-old royal showed everyone that she is still in her best shape and arrived at Westminster Abbey for the service with her disgraced but beloved son, Prince Philip.

In the video shared by 7NEWS Australia, Her Majesty and the Duke of York arrived in the same car. Prince Andrew went on and supported his mom, who walked inside the chapel with a cane in one hand, and holding him in the other.

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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew traveled together from Windsor Castle to Westminster Abbey together in Her Majesty's state limousine. While the mother and son walked through the Poet's Corner towards her seat together, they separated at the end of the aisle.

Prince Andrew gave his mother one last glance as she turned right to take her seat next to his brother, Prince Charles. On the other hand, Prince Andrew took the other side of the aisle and sat in the front row.

After the service, the Duke of York escorted the Queen out of the abbey. They also stopped to greet Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award holder Doyin Sonibare, Sky News reported.

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Queen Elizabeth Was Determined To Attend Prince Philip's Memorial Service

The Queen canceled multiple engagements in the past week. When she canceled her attendance at the Commonwealth Day service, there were concerns that she might also skip her husband's memorial service.

However, several sources also said that she was determined to be present at the event. There were even rumors that Buckingham Palace plotted a military-style operation just to get Prince William's grandmother to his grandfather's memorial service.

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"Everything is being looked at to make sure the Queen makes it to Philip’s service. But the most important thing is to make sure she is comfortable," a source told The Sun. "She must be there, and the best and most capable minds are hard at work doing their very best to make it work."

According to 7NEWS Australia, the service was short and that was to ensure the Queen's comfort. The outlet also noted that more than 1,800 guests were present at the gathering.

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Were you surprised that the Queen chose to be accompanied by Prince Andrew than Prince Charles or his other children?


Stay tuned for more news and updates about the Queen, Prince Andrew and the rest of the royal family members.

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