Kate Middleton Reigns Supreme: 'Queen Kate' Searches Skyrocket After Her Majesty Announces Camilla Will Be Queen Consort

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

QueenKate Middleton is also making headlines after the Queen announced that Camilla will be "queen consort." The searches for "Queen Kate" have surged with the public wanting to ensure that Prince William's wife will also earn the title when he becomes king.

Kate Middleton Earns Public Support As Searches For "Queen Kate" Surge

Queen Elizabeth II announced on the eve of Accession Day that she wanted the people to extend the same support to Prince Charles and Camilla when it's their time to reign. Her Majesty also showed her public support to the Duchess of Cornwall by announcing that she will be "Queen Consort" when the Prince of Wales takes over the throne.

Royal watchers have been following the matter since Prince Charles and Camilla's wedding. The surprising announcement divided the royal fans, with some agreeing and others not. However, it also spawned an unexpected reaction — the netizens started to search for "Queen Kate" following the announcement that the public searches for the term surged by 678%, according to the Bed Kingdom.

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The term "Will Kate be Queen" also shot up by 2, 303%, which only shows how the public supports Middleton and wants her to be their queen one day.

"Ever since Kate joined the Royal Family in 2011, she has been incredibly well received by both the public and family alike, cementing her position as a well-loved and respected member of the firm," a spokesperson for Bed Kingdom said about the findings, per The News.

"With the announcement that Camilla is to be called 'Queen Consort', these findings highlight the support that Kate has from the British public to also go by that title when William's reign arrives. There have often been concerns about the role and future of the Royal Family after Queen Elizabeth II's reign, however these findings show that William and Kate are incredibly popular and have the ability to carry the royal family into a new era, which will bring the Queen a lot of comfort."

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Kate Middleton And Prince William Supports Queen Elizabeth

Royal author Nigel Cawthorne claims that the Queen is experiencing a "whole gamut of emotions" as she marks her 70th anniversary on the throne. However, she knows that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family got her back.

"Thankfully,QueenQueenQueenQueenQueenQueen has the strong arms of William and Kate around her shoulders. I think we’re going to see Her Majesty’s grandchildren really step up this year and her great grandchildren, especially George, will be up front and heavily involved in the celebrations," Cawthorne said on Love Sunday magazine, per Mirror.

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He noted that a lot of things have happened throughout the years for the Queen from remembering her father's death, grieving her husband's passing, celebrating the family's achievement and taking over the throne of a bomb-scared nation, and steering it into a period of political stability. She is banking on the Cambridges to continue the legacy.

"That is an incredible legacy. She knows William, Kate and their children will find a way forward for the royal family," he added.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kate Middleton, Prince William and the other members of the royal family.

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