Queen Elizabeth Shock: British Monarch Reportedly Not As Strong As She Once Was, Prince William, Charles Leading The Charge, Source Claims

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Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth II has canceled multiple engagements in the past weeks, even if she has already recovered from COVID-19. The British monarch also pulled out from the Commonwealth Day service on Monday and had Prince Charles and Camilla represent her. According to reports, Her Majesty's aides are reviewing her diary.

Queen Elizabeth II's Frailties Are Allegedly Catching Her Up

The 95-year-old British monarch has remained committed to her duties. However, she and her aides have understood that "frailties that come with living a long life" are slowly catching up with her, Daily Mail reported.

The Queen will still attend public events but limit her appearances. She will not attend events that require hour-long of standing on her feet, like public investiture. Instead, she will have Prince Charles, Prince William, and Princess Anne takeover those engagements.

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"The Queen is still as alert, able and interested as ever but, physically, she isn't as strong as she once was, which is entirely understandable for a woman of her age," an unnamed source told Daily Mail.

"The Royal Family understands the important role investitures play in recognising service and celebrating people's contribution to society and there has been a real drive to catch up on the backlog created by Covid restrictions," the royal source added. "The Prince of Wales, Princess Royal and Duke of Cambridge have been leading the charge. It's easy to envisage that they will continue in that vein but I wouldn't rule out Her Majesty doing smaller or one-off investitures."

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Queen Elizabeth II On Prince Philip's Memorial Service

There are different opinions about the Queen's potential attendance or absence at her late husband's memorial service later this month. When the Queen canceled her attendance at the Commonwealth Day service, she sparked concerns that she might also skip Prince Philip's memorial service. Royal biographer Penny Junor believed that the Queen will not attend events that need walking.

"The Queen is extraordinary. She has gone on with great vigor for years, but we have to remember she is 95 and not superhuman," the All the Queen's Corgis author was quoted by Daily Mail as saying. "In other respects, she is in great form. The Queen is fantastic on Zoom calls, but I think events, where she is required to walk or go up any steps are not going to be feasible anymore."

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Meanwhile, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said it was a "huge wrench" for the Queen to miss the Commonwealth Day service. However, she believed that the Queen is determined to attend the memorial service for the late Duke of Edinburgh. She just had to skip some events to conserve her energy and must choose her engagement wisely.

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"She will be very determined to make the Duke of Edinburgh’s Thanksgiving service later this month, which will be of incredible importance to her considering his funeral was so scaled back. Her Majesty, I believe, is very like her mother, who was reluctant to use a wheelchair, so in her advancing years, it’s about projecting herself as much as possible for the big occasions," Seward said.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace said that the Queen will continue her other planned engagements, including in-person audiences, in the coming weeks.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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