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Queen Elizabeth: Monarch Reportedly Invited Camilla, Kate Middleton For A Bonding Experience Because She Wants The Future Queen Consorts To Be Close

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth has reportedly been taking some steps to modernize the monarchy. Even though she’s already in her final years as a monarch, Her Majesty is preparing the next generation of leaders by leading them through her example.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter revealed that the last thing Queen Elizabeth wants is for her successors to fail. And she also understands that the best way for Prince Charles and Prince William to succeed is to have the support of their respective spouses.

“The Queen doesn’t want anyone to fail, she wants them to excel, and she likes to lead by example,” Arbiter said (via Express).

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Queen Elizabeth Broke Tradition After Attending An Engagement With Camilla Parker Bowles And Kate Middleton

In 2012, the Queen surprised royal fans when she attended a royal engagement with Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton in tow. This was reportedly the first time that two future queen consorts joined Her Majesty. And it is also important to note that Prince William and Middleton just tied the knot a few months earlier.

“It was the first time the Queen had ever undertaken an engagement with two future queen consorts. It was an opportunity to lead by example, but it also signified the respect and approval for the women waiting in the wings,” Arbiter said.

The royal commentator added that if the Queen Mother was still alive, she wouldn’t have allowed the Queen to make an appearance with Camilla and Middleton. After all, the Queen Mother believed that the monarch should always be front and center everywhere she goes.

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Queen Elizabeth Adores Camilla Parker Bowles And Kate Middleton

Over the years, the Queen also developed a close bond with Camilla and Middleton. Shortly after the Cambridges tied the knot, Arbiter said that the Queen couldn’t contain her happiness because she knew that Prince William had married the love of his life.

And even though the Queen and Camilla’s relationship wasn’t off to a good start, things changed between the two female royals in recent years. In fact, she released a statement saying that she hopes the Duchess of Cornwall will be styled as queen consort when the time comes.

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Queen Elizabeth Invited Camilla Parker Bowles And Kate Middleton For A Bonding Experience

A second source said one of the Queen’s priorities is to make sure that the women within the royal family will be given respect. And she also wants Middleton and Camilla to have a close relationship with each other, especially when she’s no longer around.

“For the next three generations, Her Majesty is acutely aware that the sovereign will be a man. She wants to ensure the women supporting them or raising them are feeling very much included in the future, so she called Camilla and Kate to Windsor Castle last year for a bonding experience. The Queen wanted to encourage Kate and Camilla to become close, so they have each other to lean on.”

In turn, Camilla and Middleton have been successfully navigating their lives as a royal because they have the support of their family.


“Camilla had the Shand family, who, you pointed out, you know, the major comes out and says our family says, you know, keep your trap shut. That was the philosophy of the Shands–incredibly supportive, loyal, warm, wrapped Camilla in the family blanket. Same thing with the Middletons. You know, they forged this guard around her, particularly Carole Middleton, wonderful strategist, the Kris Jenner of Bucklebury–you know, we’re absolutely focused on her children and making them successful. And you know, it worked. I mean, she was a kind of wonderful home counties tiger mom, and she’s absolutely kept–you know, her children have all done extraordinarily well. So, you have that with Kate. So, they were hugely important,” royal author Tina Brown told The Washington Post.

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