Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Was Her Majesty Forced To Bail Prince Andrew Out By Allegedly Funding Settlement With Virginia Giuffre?

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Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth II will reportedly help Prince Andrew with the hefty settlement of the sexual assault lawsuit against him, according to various sources. Some were allegedly furious because they felt that Her Majesty was forced to extend support to her second son.

Queen Elizabeth Forced To Pay Prince Andrew's Settlement?

The Duke of York and Virginia Giuffre reached a settlement in her sexual assault lawsuit against the royal. The details of the settlement were not disclosed, but it would probably be around £12 million ($16 million), Daily Mail reported.

An unnamed source told the outlet that Prince Charles had enough of the scandal and wanted his younger brother to sort the issue as soon as possible. But where will Prince Andrew get the money for the settlement?

"There's no mention of how much money is involved or where he's going to get it from. He's not a wealthy man. As taxpayers we have the right to know. We want to know, is it coming out of my pocket?" Nigel Cawthorne was quoted by Daily Mail as saying.

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Her Majesty was expected to foot part of the bill of Prince Andrew's settlement to end the issue ahead of her Platinum Jubilee celebration. However, there was "anger" at how Her Majesty was forced to bail out her disgraced son, who only has a modest pension, Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, the Queen will reportedly use her personal income to help the Duke of York's legal bills. She would contribute to the settlement using the income from her private Duchy of Lancaster estate, Daily Telegraph added.

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Queen Elizabeth Helping Her Son Prince Andrew Received Mixed Responses

The netizens have mixed opinions about the claims that the Queen will be helping her son with the settlement, which is expected to be worth millions of dollars. Some questioned the move, thinking that the money might be taken from the taxpayers.

"So we the taxpayers are footing the bill," one tweeted.

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However, many also understand the Queen's decision to support her child. Also, they believed that she has several incomes and will use her personal money for the expenses.

One said he was already too tired hearing about Prince Andrew's case and understood that "any mother would NOT abandon her son in his hour of need." The user said she would understand if the Queen would bail Prince Andrew and hoped the people would just move on.

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"Our taxes will not be used by Prince Andrew to pay his settlement. The Queen has a private fortune of her own which I expect will be used to bail him out," another added.

"The reactions by some people that the #Queen might bail #PrinceAndrew out is ridiculous," a different user wrote. "The Queen has over £400 million in personal wealth. IF she bails him out, it will be with her own money. Taxpayers won't pay a thing."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II, and the other members of the royal family.


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