Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Not Returning To UK; 'Blissfully Happy' And 'Much More Welcome' In The US, Royal Correspondent Claims

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are unlikely to return to the U.K. because they are already very happy in their mansion in Montecito. The rumors that they are selling their home in California are also unlikely to be true.

Meghan Markle And Prince Harry More Likely To Stay In The US For Good

Royal correspondent Richard Mineards who lives near the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's mansion in Montecito, weighed in on what's next for the royal couple. According to him, Prince Harry and Markle seemed settled in their current home.

"Harry’s been out on his bicycle and walking his adopted Labrador on Miramar Beach and she’s been out shopping in both the upper village and lower village and they seem to be very, very happy as far as I can see," he said, per Evening Standard.

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He added that they got the best of both worlds in Montecito. They are in a place where they could earn more and are surrounded by people who are more supportive of them. They found great friendship with Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey, who are only minutes away from them.

"As people get to know them, I think they’ll appreciate having them here," he continued. "I don’t think they’ll move back to the UK at all. The British people see [Meghan] as the Wallis Simpson stealing the golden prince. They are much more welcome on this side of the Atlantic."

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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Unlikely To Sell Their Montecito Mansion

Mineards also acknowledged the rumors he heard that the royal couple might sell their home. According to him, they "feel secure and are not under the public spotlight" in Montecito compared to the time they were living in Beverly Hills. He believed that Prince Harry and Markle are "blissfully happy" in their neighborhood, so there is no reason to sell the property and move.

"I don’t think those stories are correct," he said about the rumors. "It’s an idyllic situation right between the mountains and the ocean."

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Jill Nelsen, an estate agent at The Agency in Montecito and Santa Barbara also said that "there is absolutely nothing wrong with the lovely state" the Sussexes purchased.

The house prices in the area have soared by up to 43 percent and the value of their home has gone up to $20 million already and they purchased it for only $14 million. Mineards added that their home is a sound investment.


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