Queen Elizabeth Expressed Concerns Over Meghan Markle’s Publicity-Obsessed Antics Before Her Death? Her Majesty’s Final Wish Reportedly Was For Prince William, Prince Harry To Reconcile

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth never meddled with the issues involving Prince William and Prince Harry – at least in public. But behind closed doors, Her Majesty must have expressed concerns over her grandsons’ strained relationship. In fact, there are claims that one of her final wishes was for the brothers to reconcile.

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Queen Elizabeth Privately Expressed Concerns About Meghan Markle Before Her Death

According to Radar Online, Queen Elizabeth also had some concerns regarding Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. She felt that the Duchess of Sussex would forever challenge the British monarchy so she hoped that The Firm would survive her.

“Her Majesty believed Meghan and her publicity-obsessed antics posed a real threat to the monarchy. As she faced her final days, Elizabeth detested how Harry was torn from his family to start a new life in America. I’m told the Queen had suspicions early that Meghan couldn’t accept the royal rulebook, but gave her a chance — many chances,” a source said.

The queen was allegedly enraged when she heard Markle’s allegations that the royals are cruel and that at least one of them was racist. In her statement, the monarch clarified that recollections may vary as if to say that Markle’s accounts are not 100 percent accurate.

Her Majesty allegedly made it clear that Markle shouldn’t attend Prince Philip’s funeral last year that’s why Prince Harry flew solo to the United Kingdom. After all, the Duchess of Sussex’s presence would’ve stolen the public’s attention from the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Dying Wish Was For Prince William And Prince Harry To Reunite

But despite everything that has happened, one of the queen’s dying wishes was for her grandsons to reunite. And they finally did shortly after he passed away.

Prince William and Prince Harry did not just reunite inside Balmoral where the queen took her last breath. They also surprised royal fans when they stepped out of the car together to check out the floral tributes outside the queen’s summer home.

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Prince William Set Aside His Issues With Prince Andrew, Prince Harry For Queen Elizabeth

The Prince of Wales drove his wife, brother, and sister-in-law to the venue. And even though their chats and exchanges were brief, seeing the Fab Four together gave the public a glimmer of hope that everything could still be repaired.

Prince William also drove Prince Andrew to Balmoral, which proved that there was no bad blood between them. And even if there is, the two men were willing to set their issues aside for the sake of Her Majesty.

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