Princess Diana Shock: Late Royal Reportedly Looked Almost Photoshopped in Christmas Card Family Photo With King Charles, Prince William and Harry

Credit: Timeline - World History Documentaries/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Timeline - World History Documentaries/YouTube Screenshot

The royal family usually posed for a family photo for their Christmas card, and King Charles and Princess Diana did the same when they were together. However, in one of their Christmas card, she looked almost photoshopped in the picture, a report says.

Why Did Princess Diana Appear Almost Like Photoshopped In 1986 Christmas Card Photo?

The former Prince and Princess of Wales posed for a family photo wearing varying shades of blue for their Christmas card photo in 1986. They posed alongside their two sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

The family of four sat in front of a marble fireplace at the London royal residence with their family dog on Princess Diana's lap. Body language expert Patti Wood noticed the angle of Princess Diana's feet. According to her, it was telling, and it was what gave the snap a "photoshopped" feel.

"Feet are always the most revealing – they are under the least amount of conscious control," she said, Today reported.

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"If your husband and kids are off to your side, your feet are typically, subconsciously, going to go towards [sic] what you're attracted to or least fearful of."

Another body language expert Traci Brown noticed Princess Diana's distance from King Charles. She was noticeably seated slightly behind him, and she believed it was for a reason.

"You've got two future kings there, the guy's kind of in charge of the family, so she's going to be behind," Brown said.

She also noted that Prince William and Prince Harry looked "a great deal happier" compared to their dad, who "doesn't usually emote."

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King Charles, Queen Camilla's Loving Gaze In Christmas Card Photo Reportedly Misleading

This year, His Majesty picked a snap taken at the Braemar Royal Highland Gathering on Sept. 3, just days before Queen Elizabeth passed away. The Braemar games are among the favorite events of the royal family, especially the Queen.

This year, it was the first time he attended in place of his mother, the late Queen, who was reportedly too unwell at the time. She reportedly had not missed it once in her 70-year heir, Country Living reported.

In the snap, Camilla appears to be looking at her husband because her face is directed at him. She is all smiles and seemed to be giving him a loving gaze. Meanwhile, the king is not looking at the camera.

However, body language Judi James said the photo was "misleading." When one takes a closer look, Camilla is not looking at her husband but at something or someone outside the frame.

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"This looks like a loving gaze from Camilla to Charles to also show fondness and admiration. But in fact, this is a little misleading, even though the sentiments are obviously correct," James told Express.

"The direction of Camilla's eye gaze does not actually seem to be aimed at Charles' face! On closer inspection, she seems to be grinning at someone to her right, which would give her a more sociable image."

What can you say about King Charles' Christmas card photos with Princess Diana and Queen Camilla?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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