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Princess Diana’s Title Became a Matter of Dispute After King Charles Split? Prince William Made a Sweet Promise to His Mom, Royal Biographer Claims

Credit: The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

Princess Diana and King Charles had a fairytale wedding, but their marriage was far from having a happy ending. They split in 1992 and divorced four years later. Prince William and Prince Harry's mother had always been known as the Princess of Wales, but according to a new book, her HRH title became a source of dispute.

Princess Diana And King Charles' Split Caused Dispute In Her HRH Title?

Royal biographer Andrew Morton published a new book titled The Queen: Her Life, which documented the life of the late Queen Elizabeth. In an excerpt obtained by People, the author mentioned the relationship between King Charles' ex-wife and mother.

Apparently, it wasn't smooth sailing. Also, he mentioned how Princess Diana's title following her separation from His Majesty became an issue.

"Diana's future title did, though, become a matter of dispute," Morton wrote, per People. "It was reported that she had decided to be known as Diana, Princess of Wales, and had told friends that she had agreed to drop the appellation Her Royal Highness."

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The palace reacted after several outlets made various reports about her future title, alleging that the Queen or her husband wanted to strip her of her HRH title.

"The Queen intervened, making clear that Diana's "decisions" were still requests and that she had not been pressured to give up the HRH. "It is wrong that the Queen or the Prince asked her," said an official palace spokesman. She may have given up her title, which meant curt- sying to junior royals, but she had become a very rich woman in her own right, with a settlement of around £17 million ($20.5 million)," the book added.

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Prince William Promised His Mom Princess Diana To Restore Her Royal Title?

Prince William was already 14 years old when the dispute about his mom's title arose amid the messy divorce between her and his dad King Charles. King Charles and Princess Diana finalized their divorce in 1996, and at the time, she eventually lost her HRH title.

The Queen was reportedly happy for Princess Diana to keep her HRH because she was the mother of the future king. However, her ex-husband allegedly insisted on having it removed.

According to Morton in his new book, the Prince of Wales told his mom, "Don't worry mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king."

Princess Diana's butler and friend Paul Burrell also echoed the same sentiment in his book A Royal Duty. He recounted the emotional conversation between the mother and son when the young prince reportedly promised his mom to give her back her HRH title.

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