Prince William, Prince Harry Allegedly Wanted To Know When And Where Princess Diana Died During Their Conversation With Former Police Chief Lord John Stevens

Credit: TIME/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TIME/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Prince Harry were just 15 and 12 years old, respectively, when their mom, Princess Diana, passed away in 1997. Since they were still relatively young, the brothers struggled to come to terms with the loss. Prince William later revealed that it took him between five to seven years to understand what had happened to the Princess of Wales.

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Lord John Stevens Details The Conversation He Had With Prince William, Prince Harry Following Princess Diana’s Death

While speaking with Us Weekly, former police chief Lord John Stevens detailed the conversation that he had with Prince William and Prince Harry shortly after Princess Diana passed away. He said that it was so difficult to talk to the two young boys about their mother’s untimely demise.

“So, I went along with two other people who were part of the investigation [including a] detective inspector, and [when we were] outside the door [at Kensington Palace], it was said, ‘No, they only wanna see you,’ that’s me,” he said.

Stevens also revealed that he talked to the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex for approximately an hour. And Prince William and Prince Harry also asked him some heartbreaking questions about Princess Diana.

“So, I went in there and we had … over an hour, probably, I can’t remember exactly how long. I outlined what the conclusions were for about 10 or 15 minutes and then the rest of the time was them asking me questions, which you’d expect because they didn’t know the circumstances of their mother’s death, where [and] when she’d died, what did she say and, and beyond that, I don’t wanna declare what the conversations were. I have to say, I was quite emotional about it myself,” he said.

Even though Prince William and Prince Harry were still very young at the time, they were already convinced that the paparazzi had something to do with Princess Diana’s death. After all, they chased the Princess of Wales down while she was in her private car. And since she was running at 75 miles an hour, the vehicle ended up crashing inside a tunnel in Paris.

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Prince William Struggled To Come To Terms With Princess Diana’s Death For Five To Seven Years

In the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, Prince William admitted that it took him years to move past the initial shock phase after learning that Princess Diana had died.

“Slowly, you try to rebuild your life, you try to understand what happened. I kept myself busy, as well, to allow you to get yourself through that initial shock phase. We’re talking maybe as much as five to seven years afterward. You know, there were times when you look to someone or something for strength and I very much felt she was there for me,” he said.

Princess Diana’s demise also left a negative impact on Prince Harry. The dad of two previously admitted to rebelling, drinking, and using drugs because he couldn’t accept what happened to his mother.

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Prince Harry Resorted To Drinking, Taking Drugs To Mask The Pain Of Losing Princess Diana

In the documentary The Me You Can’t See, the Duke of Sussex said that being 28 to 32 years old was a nightmare time in his life.

“I would probably drink a week's worth in one day on a Friday or a Saturday night. And I would find myself drinking not because I was enjoying it but because I was trying to mask something. I was willing to drink, I was willing to take drugs. I was willing to try and do the things that made me feel less like I was feeling,” he said (via CNN).

Prince William and Prince Harry will remember Princess Diana on the 25th anniversary of her death on Aug. 31.

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